Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
April 24th, 2019

Diversify and Deliver

When naming my business back in 1998, I wanted to make it immediately clear what we offered. That’s why I went with The Window Film Company. I felt, and still believe that as a name, it’s easy to remember, to the point and authoritative. Of course, after over 20 years in existence, the name doesn’t come close to telling the whole story…

When I founded the company, we did exactly what it says on the tin; fitting and installing window film throughout the UK. I quickly realized that there were other opportunities within the industry and began to investigate additional ways I could provide value for customers. Initially this began with expanding the range of films we offered, before expanding into computer cutting and printing bespoke graphics.

Today, we offer a host of services, delivering an extensive range of solutions to an incredibly diverse range of customers. We’ve diversified, but have made sure to do so in a managed and calculated fashion. Every time we’ve added a new product range or product, we’ve taken the time to carefully evaluate the impact it would have on us as a business. Can we deliver it to the standard we want? Is it cost effective? Is it a good fit with the other range of products and services we supply? Just because we can, does it mean we should? By taking this approach, we’ve been able to expand and diversify without diluting our commitment to delivering the best possible service for our clients.

The benefit of this approach was perfectly highlighted recently when we undertook a project that utilized a number of different products and solutions.
The job was an office refurbishment project that necessitated solutions for decoration, signage, privacy and manifestation. Thanks to our incremental diversification, we were able to deliver each part of the brief with complete confidence, making life easier and more cost effective for our client.

The decorative element of the work required the reproduction of a number of striking images into wide format graphics for application to walls throughout the premises. This was delivered via digital wallpaper, with each floor to ceiling panel prepared and printed by our in-house print and graphics team. The same department was also tasked with creating eye-catching text, to be used for wayfinding and signage – this was done by computer cutting long lasting and durable colored vinyl.

Manifestation needs were met via cut frosted window film, while the same film was used to provide privacy in a number of locations; with the film applied to the internal face of the glass. An external grade vinyl was applied to glazing that required the blocking of the view and the light.

In total, we were able to deliver on a project that had four distinct requirements, using five different products – something we wouldn’t have been able to do had we not continually worked on expanding what we do. Not every job needs the variety of products that this example demanded; sometimes The Window Film Company simply installs window film, but by continuing to look for new opportunities and assessing their impact and suitability we’ve ensured that we’re able to deliver a high-quality experience for an ever-increasing range of customers. Oh, and for the record, I’m still happy with the name of the business!

Until next time… toodle-pip!

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