Should Your Business Offer Ceramic Coatings?

April 3rd, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

Ceramic coatings aren’t exactly new to the industry, and more consumers continue to take advantage of the waxed look it provides over the past few years. Although the service has been in higher demand, not every shop offers it. And if you’re debating including it in your service offerings there are a few things to consider.

Getting it Right the First Time

Industry experts agree that having a quality product and result the first time is key to gaining and keeping happy customers, and their experience is everything. That being said, you should utilize someone that is mainly focused on ceramics to ensure the job is done the correct way each time.

“It’s not uncommon to see unevenness with an original install, but because it’s a wax alternative, we have to spend more time fixing the issue rather than actually coating the vehicle,” said Carl Melendez, owner of 631 Coatings in Farmingdale N.Y.

According to Melendez the process of removing a poorly done install involves stripping all of the wax off of the vehicle before applying a new polish. More time is not the only obstacle you might face with redoing an improper coating job.

“Customers can be quick to remember their bad experiences, and if they come to you already unhappy about the service because of poor quality they can often be less trusting of you. Yes you, even the shop that had nothing to do with the previous installation,” said Melendez.

Investing in Extra Equipment

Many in the industry are aware that having the right equipment can make a difference in the overall installation. And though you don’t need to go above and beyond with extra equipment for the additional service, it doesn’t hurt to consider it, as some in the industry say “it’ll help set you apart from the rest.”

“We have a touchless trailer and it’s already made us thousands in just three months. Customers really appreciate the extra steps and the hydraulics used. They see it and instantly get excited about the finished product,” said Melendez.

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