Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
May 22nd, 2019

Just Roll with It

One of the areas we’re seeing get great traction and response in 2019 is with YouTube Pre-Roll ads. I wanted to write this article to discuss these ads, give you some advice and encourage you to just roll with it in 2019.

What are YouTube pre-roll ads? Simply, they are YouTube videos that are promoted to run at the beginning of other YouTube videos. You’ve likely seen them run and then give you an opportunity to skip the ad after 7 seconds. These can be used effectively to create brand awareness and share product or service information in your area. The best part is you only pay for them if the viewer either watches a full 30 seconds of your video or through to completion if the video is not 30 seconds long. That means, if the viewer skips out of the video, you don’t pay.

To make these ads as effective as possible, here are a few tips.

  1. Create a video specifically for pre-roll. One mistake I see is people who take a generic video created for other purposes and try to run it for pre-roll. This often doesn’t result in a great response, as the videos start too slow and gets skipped by the viewer. To get a great response try to grab a user’s attention in the first 5 seconds. This increases the potential of them being watched beyond the 7 second skip mark.
  2. Use pre-roll targeting. There are a variety of ways to target the types of videos your pre-roll ads will run on. Spend some time to define a target to give your pre-roll an increased chance of being watched. This can be done by basic demographics, interests and specific placement.
  3. Send interested parties to a relevant page. Rather than have a click-through of the ad go to your main website, it’s more effective to have the clicks go to a specific page directly relevant to the content in the video. You don’t want someone to look around for information when they arrive. Make sure it’s readily available.

Because of the brief nature of these articles, it is impossible to cover all aspects of pre-roll ads, but there are plenty of pages online that give step-by-step directions on placing these ads. I’ve included a good article below to get you started.

I hope this encourages you to look into YouTube pre-roll advertising. We’ve found the impact it can have for a very reasonable amount of money, make it a great addition to any comprehensive marketing program.

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  1. Patric what I like about you is you are always thinking outside box. Brilliant people learn from other brilliant people.

    As you know advertising and marketing is a very complexed subject indeed and what works for one company in one area or country does not work for others.
    The same thing applies to various industries and businesses.

    One need to keep testing and making adjustments to get the best result. Life is changing at a very fast rate and so are consumers thinking habits.

    Effective advertising and marketing can make or break any company. Continuous testing needs to be done to ensure one is getting the best value for money, all about the
    the mix of media that make it happen in many cases

    This exercise can be like eating a tin of baked beans If you don’t test you will never know which bean will make you fart.

    Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa

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