Slightly Shaded by Jordan Campbell
by Jordan Campbell
May 1st, 2019

To Pull or Not to Pull? That is the Question.

There are many times where I’ll speak with colleagues and fellow installers and at some point in time the subject of installation styles is breached.

Do you shrink in this way? Have you tried using this solution? Do you use this tool? Do you post heat? It seems one of the biggest debates in the installation process is panel pulling and it usually ends with neither party agreeing on a style. Both sides usually feel strongly that their way is the best way. Is there a “best way” though? Truly?

Do you pull door seals or not? I recently posted a poll in a Facebook group, asking this very question. (I also asked everyone to debate “classy not trashy.” Good job everyone. It looks like we can debate on civil terms with each other, imagine that!) I monitored the poll for a little over one day, and kept up with the comments. The results are about 50/ 50. At 3:00 p.m. on March 21st, 2019 there were 86 comments and 149 votes.

76 voted “no,” 73 voted “yes.” Those numbers however, do not paint an accurate picture of whether or not pulling panels is or is not the correct way to install. What I found particularly interesting, is the amount of installers that have enough experience to know when to pull panels versus when not to.

Andrew Seavey wrote, “Pull sweeps on most. Some just aren’t reasonable to get the sweep out. Bottom load is more consistent and cleaner especially on vehicles where the window extends beyond the inside frame by 1/2 inch or more on the sides.” He went on to explain the people who are opposed to pulling sweeps may not have encountered installing on more difficult vehicles such as the Dodge Avengers. His point of view was met with some agreement and sparked another conversation about difficult door seals and challenges of felt seals.

Darren Cook stated, “There’s no need. Been doing it since 1986. Trust me. There’s no need. More of a risk to damage something on the car. Why take the chance if there’s no need.” That comment was well received with 4 “likes” agreeing with his opinion. Darren’s passion to protect his clients’ vehicles is very clear in his statement and I admire the fact he puts that much consideration into someone else’s property. This leads me to believe he has a very satisfied clientele. Darren went on to challenge other installers to “increase your skill set, not make it easier so your skill never increases.”

Other installers use pulling seals as a selling point. Leigh Ann Martin Watson said, “I hate dealing with fingers and love the fact I can tell the customer they can roll them down. In the thousands of windows I’ve done … I’ve never had one come back for pulling up. (Knock on wood).”

After all of the reading, and talking to the professionals of our industry the answer is clear. Do what suits you best. There is no right or wrong way to install doors. My poll showed us we have industry veterans that have never pulled a seal in their entire career, newbies that learned to tuck but have switched to pulling for ease of install, technicians that use pulling as a quality up sell and tinters that see pulling as an inefficient process. Bottom line, you just do you Boo!

‘Til next time folks. See you in the shade!

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  1. As long as everyone is happy its win. As one that has the ability to do it either way I understand why some would and would not. We always call tinting an art form. If I had to say anything to a tinter it would to learn as many techniques and styles as you can. There are some situations where one or the other is the best when it comes to making money. Time is money.

  2. Well said Will! I couldn’t agree more on that one!

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