Washington Bill Becomes Law

May 29th, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

Washington’s governor has recently signed a proposed bill into law that will impact window film businesses in the state. The legislation relates to installing safety glazing or film sunscreening materials. The bill, also referred to as S 5881, will implement fines for those who perform the installations for commercial gain.

A $500 fine will be enforced for “a mechanic or commercial installer of safety glazing or film sunscreening material who installs, for monetary or commercial gain, safety glazing or film sunscreening material in violation of [the state’s window film law],” a portion of the bill reads.

The bill was introduced at the beginning of February and referred to the Senate Transportation Committee. It passed in the Senate in early March. The House then passed an amended version of the bill in mid-April. The Senate then agreed to the amended version of the bill at the end of April, from there it was sent to the governor. According to the legislature, it was signed by the governor last week and will take effect on July 28, 2019.

Click here for the full text that has become law.

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  1. This is a TERRIBLE law, and should be challenged by all glass tinters in the State of Washington, both as an unconscionable law, and a gross violation of the civil rights of businesses and individuals who do vehicle installations, and the tens of thousands of people who purchase this product for economic reasons, safety reasons, and medical reasons.

    In an economy that is already extremely harsh to small business, while being extremely accommodating to big business (car companies) this hurts small business, and reduces competition, as we can provide a superior product at a better price. And when you add the medical benefits (prevention of skin cancer), of which driving is a leading cause, and factory tint is not effective at preventing, this law is also unconscionable

    I think all small businesses have had enough with corporate socialism that has been going tax breaks and bailouts to large corporations for decades. This is one more law aimed at helping big business at the expenses of small business, and is extremely anti competitive and anti capitalism.

    The IWFA should take a LEADING role in fighting this. They have been sourly lacking in being on the offensive in fighting these unconstitutional laws against small window tinting business and in representing our interest with laws that both hurt the auto end of our business, and/or not promoting more favorable legislation for tax breaks for our customers who tint their homes and business. Trade shows and tint-off may be fun, but do little to help grow our business. Far more should be spent by the IWFA in the legal/tax areas of the window tinting business.

    I am from Pennsylvania, so this bill does not directly affect me – YET, and have been fighting laws like this in Pennsylvania for 40 years, with little or no help from the IWFA. I urge all window tinters in the state of Washington to contact their representatives, and get their customers to do so as well. And equally important, contact the IWFA and insist they take a more proactive and aggressive approach in fighting laws like this whenever they are introduced.

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