Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
July 24th, 2019

The Importance of Sharing the Story

I’m proud of The Window Film Company’s role in the local community and am always receptive to suggestions and ideas that help us provide added value or assistance to individuals or organizations. Since founding The Window Film Company in 1998 it has taken many forms, from sponsorships and partnerships, to support with projects and events. Increasingly, we’ve played a part in helping education facilities and schools.

Changes and advancements in curriculums mean there’s an increasingly hands on approach to learning and development. Colleges, schools and students are placing more emphasis on real-life, practical experience as they strive to get an understanding for the way business and the working world operates.

The Window Film Company offers a regular program of workplace visits, in which we welcome groups of students onto the premises, introducing them to different aspects of our operations, explaining our processes in detail to ensure a full and working understanding of how a business functions.

We also offer a select number of work experience placements. Many courses and programs require students to undertake a placement with a business to complete their qualification and we’re happy to help out. While we enjoy the opportunity to provide assistance to local students, we also take our responsibilities very seriously. My team and I take the view that if we are to take a student on a placement, it needs to be genuinely beneficial to both us an them. With this in mind, we treat students as we would a genuine applicant, taking the time to conduct an interview. This serves two purposes; on one hand it enables us to ensure the student is going to be suitable, while perhaps more importantly, it also provides the pupil with job interview experience. Performing in demanding situations such as an interview is one of the realities of the professional world, so we believe it’s our responsibility to deliver a realistic and challenging experience.

Whether it is a visit and tour or a work experience placement, we strive to make the time spent with us as interesting, inspirational and useful as possible. This includes providing a walk-through of what we do and how we do it and the fact that we offer a wide range of products, including state of the art print facilities means visitors usually find plenty to capture their attention. One of the most engaging aspects of the work we do is the telling our story, explaining how The Window Film Company grew from a sole trader in 1998 to the successful and multi-facetted organization it is today.

We’ve learned to tell the story in a way that makes it clear that success is very much possible, but it only comes as a result of sustained hard work and effort. In explaining to students and teachers, it’s become apparent that while the creative aspect of what we do is exciting and appealing, it’s the journey the business has been on that really grabs the attention and it’s made me realize the importance of sharing our story, and doing so often.
The reasons are two-fold. Firstly, because it benefits our visitors. I like to think the messages and examples we deliver are both useful and inspirational, serving as a first-hand illustration of what can be achieved and what’s required to do it. Secondly, in telling our story and detailing the way we work, we can make sure we continue to learn and develop. By vocalizing what we do and why, it serves as a reminder that we need to keep assessing ourselves and striving to improve. Telling the story can lead to questions and suggestions which can lead to improved processes or ways of doing things.

Striving to do things as well as possible should be a given when it comes to business, but sometimes we all need a reminder. Sharing that knowledge and contributing to the advancement and development of those that could benefit is a great reason for making sure that the next chapter of your business story worth telling.

Until next time… toodle pip!

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