T&T Tinting Specialists, Inc. Adds Windshield Repair Service

July 31st, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

There are few window film companies that also provide auto glass services, and now Tommy Silva, CEO and president of T&T Tinting Specialists, Inc. (T&T), explains why he thought adding windshield repair services were “a go-to” option, especially after noticing rock chip issues on numerous vehicles.

“Part of our routine procedure involves inspecting each vehicle with the customer. It wasn’t long before we noticed an increase in the amount of rock chips for both new and older vehicles,” said Silva.

Infrastructure has been a topic of concern for the state in the past and some shops, like T&T offer window film add-ons to help reduce the amount of damage to a driver’s windshield.

“Our roads are really bad here in Hawaii, we’ve been using a clear window film on customer’s cars in the past, but noticed that the number of vehicles with rock chips were increasing, and instead of turning them [the customer] away we decided to turn a negative into a positive and further expand our offerings,” said Silva.

T&T has offered windshield repair as an option for about five months, according to Silva, and has already seen benefits.

“It’s a really good add-on service because now our customers can look to us for more solutions, kind of like a one stop shop,” said Silva.

When asked about the challenges associated with windshield repair services, Silva mentioned it wasn’t difficult to learn. He stated several manufacturers are willing to train new users on their repair tools and products, which make for an easier transition when trying to offer multiple options for customers.

“There’s a lot of help and tools available for those in the window film business that are thinking about getting into auto glass repair. I think anyone who does a large volume of cars on a regular basis and notices a high rock chip demand should add on auto glass repair services. It’s a good value and it further helps your customers,” said Silva.

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