Campbell Window Film Opens a New Flagship Building

August 28th, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

Brad Campbell, CEO and president, is excited to move his company, Campbell Window Film, into a new space in Southern California.

After outgrowing its former location Campbell spent three years trying to finalize and secure a new location that would best suit his company’s and employees’ needs.

“Our M.O. is, we don’t want to accrue more overhead until we absolutely need to,” said Campbell.

But there were issues that came up due to following the company’s “M.O.” According to Campbell, the company couldn’t hire additional staff because there was not enough room for them to work at the business’s previous location. He even mentioned he gave up his office to have additional room for his employees in the form of a conference room.

“We were all making sacrifices, I was working in any available space for a while just to make the current space we had work,” recalls Campbell.

The journey to securing a new location wasn’t easy for the window film company, as medium-to-large sized industrial buildings go quickly on the West Coast.

“We just kept missing the right space, it took us three years to finally get what we were looking for. We by chance got this space, it’s very competitive out here and fortunately we were in the first position,” said Campbell.

And another buyer was interested in the same building as Campbell, the other interested buyer had an all cash offer which moved him into second position. Before that deal was finalized Campbell rented a smaller space. Fortunately, the all-cash offer didn’t go through and Campbell Window Film was able to move back into first position and secure the transaction.

“We closed in January and are in the construction phase, we plan to move into the location at the end of September,” said Campbell.

The new 10,000 square-foot free standing industrial property sits on a little over half of an acre and has five bathrooms, large conference rooms and is “much bigger” than what they currently have, according to Campbell.

“It’s a unicorn space because everyone wants a space like this, I feel great for our staff to have extra amenities they didn’t have in our previous location,” said Campbell.

The new space is one into which Campbell and his staff can grow into. Although the company is mostly known for its window film services, it also provides glazing services, of which Campbell says helps the company service both sides of the industry.

“I bought the building and my company leases it, so if we ever do outgrow this space we can still lease this one – hopefully that won’t be for a while,” said Campbell.

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  1. Congratulations 7% a year on the way, oh ya I forgot…. California prob more like 15% on your investment. But seriously, I’ve got 18 mos left to pay off our space, titlly worth it. Capitalism at its best

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