Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
August 28th, 2019

Creativity & Innovation

One of the greatest things about working with a diverse range of clients from an almost infinite array of industries is the creativity and innovation we see on a regular basis. It’s a privilege to be involved in the creation of truly memorable graphics jobs with customers using our products and techniques in impressive and innovative ways.

Inspiration doesn’t only come from customers. As a business owner, I commit a decent chunk of time to meet and spend time with people. These could be new or existing suppliers, colleagues or competitors, but the purpose is usually the same, to continue to learning, developing, and to seek advice and inspiration. The most recent display of impressive ingenuity came from a slightly different source. I had been approached for help by a student from a local school.

The student, Natasha, is enrolled on a business course run in conjunction with the successful entrepreneur and star of Dragon’s Den, Peter Jones. As a part of the course, students are required to come up with a product or business idea, and Natasha came up with one she and her tutors felt was strong enough to put forward into a nationwide competition – with a little help from her friends…

After being diagnosed with dyslexia and having a mixed experience in the education system, Natasha wanted to create a product and business that would help support those in the same situation, giving rise to her “Easy Read” innovation. A simple but effective product, which takes the form of a colored overlay that when placed over text, makes it easier for dyslexic readers to process. The idea was sound and was backed by science and extensive research, so Natasha and her tutor were convinced the idea and design were a viable product. They just needed someone to help make it a reality.

Here at the Window Film Company, we continue to welcome students from a range of schools and colleges, whether it be on work experience placements or on workplace tours, and this included a class from the course Natasha was enrolled on. With an understanding of what we were capable of, Natasha approached us and asked us if we would help. We were!

Next, Natasha worked directly with our print and graphics team to come up with a range of prototypes that could be used as part of her submission and pitch on competition day. Our team worked alongside her to create a branded and professional looking run of the product, enabling her to back up her submission with a real life example. The pitch involved a Dragon’s Den (or should that be Shark Tank?) presentation to a panel of business men and women, including Peter Jones, we were delighted to learn Natasha delivered a stellar performance, leading to her scooping first prize.

I was delighted to get the news. Playing a part in helping Natasha to achieve her goal (we continue to work with her to come up with a way to produce her products on a larger scale) was hugely rewarding and is exactly the sort of thing I’d like to be able to do on a regular basis. It also served as an inspiring experience. To see a young, driven individual working hard to bring a vision to fruition and succeed in pitching it to a panel of some of the biggest names in business takes some doing, and while I was proud to play a part in helping, my overall feeling was that off being grateful. Grateful for another source of inspiration and a reminder that business is full of good people, working hard to do good things.

I can’t wait to see where my next source of inspiration comes from.

Until next time… toodle pip!

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