Do You Know How Your Work Ethic Impacts Your Shop’s Financials?

September 25th, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

“They asked me what I wanted to talk about a few months back and when I thought about what could be the most exciting I thought of the financials of window film,” Matt Darienzo, president of Solar Art Window Tinting and Graphics, jokingly said earlier this month at an annual conference.

He stressed the importance of hard work, not just for window film, but in general, in order to succeed.

“Over the last 10 years we’ve acquired about nine companies. I learned how to scale and grow each one over time … and trust me I’m not super smart but I work super hard and that’s what sets us apart. Because that’s something we can control,–how hard we can work,” he said.

Darienzo said his passion and genuine love for businesses motivates him to further expand. But another main point is “knowing what you want.” That came into his presentation when he referred to what industry professionals decide to invest in. Darienzo said part of being financially successful is about reinvesting in your business.

“Think about it this way: are we trying to grow and scale our businesses?” Darienzo asked the audience.

Though many instantly replied affirmatively few could elaborate on what it means to build a business up in a scalable way. Darienzo believes you have to find out how to do something, do it well, and then teach others how to do that task for your business. He used selling as an example.

“There’s different ways to sell your products and services to be profitable. There’s no strategy that’s right or wrong. If you want to be cheaper well then you better have high volume and if you want to be more high-end at prices then you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of volume, but know what you’re going after and train those in your shop accordingly,” said Darienzo.

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