Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
October 23rd, 2019

Hitting the Right Notes

Whether you’re a fan or not, there can be no denying that Ed Sheeran is currently one of the biggest names in the music world. The record-breaking singer songwriter has continued to delight audiences across the globe and he certainly pleased us here at The Window Film Company when we were approached to print and install signage for his latest project, a new bar in London.
Bertie Blossoms (so named as a tribute to his wife) opened amidst a blaze of publicity and I have to admit it was nice to see our handiwork featured in a host of photographs that were heavily featured in the media.

The job itself was relatively simple. The bar, located in the trendy Notting Hill area of London, features a circular sign above the entrance and a solution was sought that would allow the sign, which incorporated an internal light, to be vibrant and visible during the day and night.

The custom-created graphics looked great and were supplied to us, allowing our print and graphics team to recreate them in perfect detail, printing directly onto a tough and durable external grade vinyl before being installed by one of our fitting teams. The finished project looked stylish and impressive, perfectly in keeping with the look of the bar and while it’s one of the smaller jobs we’ll complete this year, it was one that certainly generated a fair bit of excitement in the office.

This is by no means the first time we’ve worked alongside a household name. We’ve completed work for comedians, musicians and sports stars as well as completing projects at some of the most famous and recognizable locations in the world. Here at The Window Film Company we pride ourselves on our professionalism and diligent approach to each and every single job, so our celebrity clients get exactly the same treatment as those without a host of film credits or Premier League goals to their name. It’s important to be consistent with our approach. That said, it doesn’t mean talking about interesting or eye-catching projects should be avoided.

I mentioned the sense of pride in the office when the pictures of Ed Sheeran’s bar and signage started circulating. This for me, was very rewarding. We’re always on the lookout for ways of keeping our team motivated and happy. A big part of this is helping them take pride in what they are doing and who they are working for, and little examples can play a huge part in delivering that. Knowing our company is trusted by people they recognize and perhaps admire helps reinforce our reputation internally, helps to serve as a reminder that we work hard to be as good as we can be, and that this effort doesn’t go unnoticed.

High profile projects aren’t just good for internal morale though. Used carefully and correctly they are the ideal way of inspiring confidence in future customers. Shouting from the rooftops that you work with celebrities alone won’t cut it, but carefully leveraging your reputation, explaining how you got to a position whereby you are trusted to deliver for those that expect the best, is.

For most of us, it’s simply not in our nature to show-off or name drop. But I think it’s important to sometimes take a step back and recognize sometimes a bit of the limelight can be a good thing. Working with high profile clients can be demanding and it can take a lot of effort to get into that position in the first place, but once there, there’s nothing wrong with accepting that it cannot only be enjoyable, but also hugely valuable on a number of levels.
Until next time… toodle pip!

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