Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
October 16th, 2019

In a Crowded Space, Make Your Marketing Stand Out

There’s no question that in 2019 we’re being bombarded with more marketing messages than ever before. The amount of marketing “noise” we encounter every day makes it hard for anything to truly break through. However, there are several strategies you can employ. Here are three of my top ideas to stick out like this red gummy bear in a very crowded space.

1. Match Marketing Content With Specific Audiences – One thing that’s becoming extremely important to grab people’s attention is that the message is specific to them. You should not try to create a “one size fits all” piece of creative and expect it will get noticed.

For example, an automotive marketing post that features a specific vehicle brand will get more attention from people that own or are enthusiasts of that brand. The way this can be used is an advertisement targeted at Tesla owners that features a Tesla pictured in the creative of the ad. This may seem near impossible to implement, but one of my points below addresses how this can be done.

2. Get More Targeted With Your Audiences – Whether it be with social media or Google Adwords, you need to become more specific with your targeting options. Start with the geography and try to get targeted to specific zip codes. You can use past sales information to determine where your customers are typically coming from. Do not waste any of your marketing budget advertising to areas that haven’t shown a propensity to purchase from you.

In addition, you can specify specific ages, gender, income levels, etc. It makes sense to exclude demographics that are not inclined to respond to that specific piece of marketing. You will spend money for everyone you’re putting the marketing in front of. Like above, do not waste money showing your advertisements to demographics that typically do not buy from you.

3. Increase The Frequency of Your Content – Even if you match the content to the audience and are very targeted with your audiences, you still may get lost in the sea of advertising because of the sheer volume of posts and ads out there. The best way to combat this is to pursue a strategy of increasing the volume of posting you do. There are numerous ways to do this. One option is to create smaller components of content broken out from a larger piece. For example, you can take an article you posted on your website with several points included and break out an additional piece of micro-content on each point individually.

In addition, you can also re-purpose content. Maybe it was an ad that was run previously that can be re-run again with a new graphic or picture inserted. Maybe you take the same picture or graphic and re-run it with updated text. The idea is to breathe new life into content you created in the past.

I hope this gives you practical ideas on how you can use these strategies to make your marketing stand out from the crowd. With the volume of marketing content we are bombarded with every day, creating a way to differentiate yourself is more important now than ever.

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  1. Quite right you need to have the ”wow factor” and stand out from the crowd.

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