Industry Expert Details How to “Not Kill Your Company”

October 23rd, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

“This is geared for people just getting into the business, and really it’s about how not to kill your business,” Chris Robinson, owner of The Tint Guy Window Tinting in Woodstock and Kennesaw, Ga., humorously said to the audience during his session at this year’s International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off, in Indianapolis, Ind.

Robinson told those in attendance the five biggest mistakes he’s made – and learned from in his career – which were:

  • Failing to plan;
  • Hiring the wrong people;
  • Misreading your market;
  • Assuming customers will come to you; and
  • A poor family/work balance.

“There’s a big difference in being self-employed and being a business owner. A business owner can have a business that makes money on its own, so if you take a week off you’ll still be making money. But, if you’re just self-employed, well, if you take a week off you’re not making anything. So you always need to plan ahead,” he said.

When it comes to hiring, there are a few things Robinson swears by, such as having a policy against hiring friends and family of current employees because he says it prevents drama.

“Also be sure not to hire those who are under-or over-qualified, as it just wastes time. And be very clear about work expectations and compensation during the interview process,” he mentioned.

You can avoid misreading your market by finding out who your customer base is and craft advertisements specifically to them.

“Don’t assume customers will come to you. You know that line … if you build it they will come – yeah it’s not true,” Robinson said. He recalled setting up a new location just to have it be a “hit to his company.” He mentioned the location seemed great until he realized his target audience wasn’t there.

Family time is “precious, but not a guarantee.”

“Up until recently I worked six days a week doing 10 hour days and then one day it just clicked because I heard someone say you only have 18 summers with your kids. And I thought about it and well, they aren’t any fun at three and they don’t like you at 16 so you really have around 12 summers,” recalled Robinson.

His point – as a business owner you have to learn to say no, especially to certain jobs and aspects that will put a strain on your home life.

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