Industry Expert Details How Your Company can Thrive

October 16th, 2019 by Emmariah Holcomb

“My presentation is based on a single word, and that’s “thrive.” For me this is a personal thing, as it can mean different things for everyone in this room,” said Jeff Franson, Window Film Depot CEO and president during his session at this year’s International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off, in Indianapolis, Ind.

He began by asking the audience what thriving meant to them. After a few moments several attendees responded by saying that it means more than just surviving, to be happy, and to excel over a long term period.

“In thriving, there’s business and there’s life. Business owners need to ask themselves if they can really thrive if they’re struggling individually. You have to have your stuff in line in order to thrive in your business. You have to work on yourself before you can work on your business,” Franson said.

He remembered a time where he wasn’t in the best place personally and shared with the audience how that impacted his business.

“I was a horrible manager from 1995 – 2006 but then I got hit in the chin by the recession and I had to adapt to continue thriving. I took a look at myself and how I was doing things, my attitude, and how I was being viewed by my employees. It wasn’t long before I started changing for the better,” Franson recalled.

He stressed the fact that the industry shouldn’t be more impressed if a company has 10 locations versus a business that has two locations. To Franson, how happy the people working at each business are is what matters.

“In order to thrive in business you have to have a definition of success. As a CEO you need to be an energy officer. If you come into your business and you’re full of energy your employees will see and feel that. Trust me if your employees are behind you with support you’re on the right path,” Franson said.

He concluded by saying thriving is something he believes can only happen over a long period of time and that all business owners should be preparing for their future and be willing to change in order to continue thriving.

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