Slightly Shaded by Jordan Campbell
by Jordan Campbell
December 23rd, 2019

New Shop, New Stress, New Year

Opening a new shop this year has been exciting, to say the least. I’ve been consistently overwhelmed. It’s become somewhat of a normality. I once had a friend ask me how we did it all. It took me a moment to think about the proper answer. I tried to think if my secret to success, which wasn’t getting plenty of sleep, as my left eye twitched. Then I thought, maybe drinking plenty of water was the key until I realized I was running solely on coffee well into the afternoon that day. After several scenarios, all of which turned out to be fiction, I simply looked at my inquirer and said, I don’t. As horrible as that sounds, I simply can’t do it all. Some things haven’t been accomplished.

The new shop is 2,200 square feet that has three services bays. We installed forced air and heat, but it already had heated floors because it used to be a self-serve car wash. I have a beautiful new desk that I’ve affectionately dubbed my command center and we’re implementing practices and policies that help everything run smoothly.

It took us almost three years to get the place up to par. The car wash we bought was neglected and abused but the location is on a main drag in-between two major highways. We couldn’t pass it up. After constructing a beautiful new sign and programming the digital portion, we were fully open and operational in April. The sign is definitely the best advertising we could have ever hoped for. We get daily walk-ins of potential clients asking about our services and film options. The heat lamp displays we have in the waiting room basically sell the tint jobs for us. Our track record of doing quality work keeps our old customers coming back and the new building attracts new customers.

Our other location was good for a long time, but as areas tend to do, the city declined and so did the clientele.

Now that we have three service bays, as opposed to our previous one, we have no trouble keeping busy. We have encountered the trouble of finding good help. Employees are now an added stress, or in our case, lack thereof. Whereas before we only had the need for one prep guy to help out in the shop now we need two. Finding good help is hard these days.

The challenge for us is finding someone who can live up to extremely high standards. We’ve had plenty of applicants, and even conducted a couple interviews, but holy Hannah, these people are some characters. Thankfully, a nice installer stopped by the other day that we’ll probably hire but the quest of finding a team member has been strenuous.

As winter brings a slight slowdown in the business, we’re trying to finish up the interior of the building. We’re still running some of the electric, need to finish the bathroom and break room, still haven’t tinted the whole store front. How does the saying go? The shoemaker’s son is always barefoot. We still have a lot to do to the place, but it’s shaping up to be pretty cool.

2019 has been a whirlwind of construction, travel, trade shows, juggling three service bays, training new people, raising kids, finding long lost family, flying home cats, adopting puppies, cleaning out the frog cage and trying to squeeze in what little R&R we could steal. Honestly, I’m ready for a different pace in 2020 but let’s be real, it’s probably going to be just as crazy. Oh well! I guess I’ll see you in the shade next year.

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