New Hampshire House Passes Amended Version of New Bill

January 22nd, 2020 by Emmariah Holcomb

The New Hampshire House recently passed bill 317, also known as HB317. The new bill would remove the prohibition on aftermarket tinting on side windows as long as long as light transmittance is not less than 70%.

This piece of legislation was first introduced in the New Hampshire House in January 2019 and has since been amended by the House to include the 70% provision. The current state law only allows for aftermarket tinted side windows to be installed with a medical waiver and as long as light transmittance is not less than 35%.

The bill also looks to remove several lines of the same wording, which appears five times, from the current version of the related state law in an effort to make it more concise.

“… [or on the windows to the left and right of the driver],” a section of the bill reads.

HB317 has been moved to New Hampshire’s Senate for consideration.

To view text of the HB317 as passed by the House, click here.

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