Reviewing the Most Widely Read Articles of the Past Decade

January 8th, 2020 by Emmariah Holcomb

2020 is here and is in full swing, and Window Film magazine took a look at the most popular stories of the 2010s. The top ten might just surprise you.

  1. The Window Tint Dot Matrix Dilemma

Window Film magazine industry blogger Patric Fransko had the most read article of the decade, coincidentally it was also his first blog with the magazine.

“Anyone who has installed window film on a car is familiar with the dilemma of how to get the dot matrix areas to look good and consistent. Installers have tried everything from sanding the matrix to using glue sticks to combat the issue. Some have given up completely and just install solid black vinyl over the matrix area and but seam the window film to the vinyl.”

  1. Blindsided: N.Y. Inspection Law Takes Tinters by Surprise

January 2017 was met with new legislation and landed the second spot on our top ten listing.

The new year brought a lot of change and on November 28, 2016 Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law that stated as of January 1, testing the VLT of window tint is now a mandatory part of a vehicle’s annual state inspection test. New York State law already required a 70-percent visible light transmission (VLT) or higher, one of the highest VLT requirements of any state. It wasn’t strictly enforced until then. The new inspection law caught some tint shop owners off-guard.

  1. California Governor Expands Medical Exemption List for Tint

The fall of 2017 sparked new medical legislation in California.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill introduced by Kevin McCarty allowing vehicle windows to be tinted at a lower visible light transmittance (VLT) than what’s currently allowed, if the driver has a signed certificate from a dermatologist stating the occupant cannot be exposed to ultraviolet rays. The state’s current law requires a minimum of 88-percent VLT. However, the exemption lowers the VLT to 70 percent.

  1. Florida AG Calls Hurricane Films a Scam; Are They?

Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, claimed companies encouraging consumers to install hurricane-resistant films as hurricane protection are running a scam, but are they really?

  1. It’s Time to Talk About Illegal Tinting

WINDOW FILM magazine industry blogger Patric Fransko made the list for the second time in the decade, and this topic sparked several comments from industry professionals as well.

“I wanted to touch on a topic that has always been a hot-button issue in the industry: illegal film—and whether shops should install it.”

  1. N.Y. Tinters Begin to See Effects of New Tint Law

Since New York State began implementing window tint testing during a vehicle’s annual state inspection some members of the tinting community struggled to maintain their sales levels.

  1. Utah Senator Pushes to Reduce Legal Tint Limit with Proposed Amendment

“Utah has the third most restrictive window tinting standard in the states,” Fillmore said to the Committee on Business and Labor. “Two-thirds of states have standards that are more relaxed than Utah’s. Utah is the most restrictive state in the Intermountain West. Only one state west of the Mississippi, our good friends in California, have a more restrictive standard for window tinting than Utah does.”

  1. 3M Sues XPEL Over Patent Infringement

The suit alleged XPEL Technologies Corporation’s XPF paint protection film (PPF) product infringes 3M’s U.S. Patent No. 8,765,263 (`263), which is “a multilayer protective film comprising a first layer, a second layer and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer.”

  1. 3M Dealers Are Uneasy About the Manufacturer’s Latest Move

3M and Window Genie, the Cincinnati-based professional window washing and tinting franchise, signed a contract that made 3M the exclusive window film provider for the franchise’s more than 200 locations.

  1. Here’s the Difference Between Marketing and Sales

WINDOW FILM magazine industry blogger Patric Fransko made the list for the third time in the past decade. This blog post highlights the differences between marketing and sales and how both impact your business.

“If there’s one consistent misunderstanding that I encounter in business, it’s that people don’t differentiate between marketing and sales within an organization. Some think they are basically the same thing, which is a mistake. This mindset is as old as business itself and many of the subtleties are quite detailed; however, here are some simple ways to define what classifies as “sales” and what is considered “marketing.””

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