Unwinding and Starting Fresh in the Industry

January 29th, 2020 by Emmariah Holcomb

The window film industry can be taxing, as many pros know there are a vast amount of stresses constantly being put on your body. A recent social media post from Campbell Window Film shed light on the importance of taking time to reset, unwind and rest. Window Film magazine reached out to some in the industry to learn how shop owners and manager stay refreshed.

“My favorite method for washing away summer time stress is to jump in the San Marcos River, swimming in its cold, clear, spring-fed water is like hitting life’s reset button,” said Michelle Hurtado, co-owner of Sal’s House of Tint, located in San Marcos, Texas. “During the cold months, nothing beats sitting around a camp fire with friends. For all of the little moments in between deep breathing never lets me down. It’s free, easy, and you can do it anywhere.”

The water and camp fires are ways Hurtado resets, but some in the industry choose to stay physically active.

Mike Burke relaxing while taking a boxing class

“Many of my friends and I, including other tinters and people in the industry, do many things to relax. They workout at the gym including jujutsu, boxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA). Personally, I box with a coach hitting pads and do MMA sparing jujitsu,” said Mike Burke, owner of several Sun Stoppers Window Tinting locations across North Carolina.

But what about those who mostly work inside or on the marketing side of the industry? Two window film marketing team women shed light on the importance of stepping away from their desks to also reset.

“For me, working in the office most of the day, time really does slip away from you and it’s hard to make time to recharge. When I do feel like I am burnt out and need a break, I typically will go for a walk with my dog, go over to our farm and ride horses for a bit, or even just take my lunch hour and sit in the sun. The winter months are much harder to do many outdoor activities so I make sure that I can get to the gym at least two to three times a week as well to get my blood flowing and heart rate up,” said Elizabeth Dillon, Maxpro sales and marketing vice president.

“Going to the gym during the week is an activity that I enjoy; especially Zumba. I’m also a season ticket holder for the New York Islanders. The people I have met over the years that also love the team bring out my inner joy. Being a 26 year-old, I always search for where my next adventure will take me,” said Jennifer Haynie, New York Window Film marketing manager and graphics assistant.

Tell us how you find time to hit the reset button in the comments below.

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