Slightly Shaded by Jordan Campbell
by Jordan Campbell
February 12th, 2020

Buy Your Rep Dinner

We’re blessed with some of the most amazing film representatives in this industry and I think they are an undervalued group of individuals. When we opened our new shop we decided it was time to look into our film choices. With advances on the scientific side of film and the ever changing market, we wanted a company that was going to stand behind us, offer quality products, have a good warranty, and be readily available should we ever need them.

Our search lead our shop to several manufacturers. In the process of finding so many we met some amazing film reps who are genuine people and truly care that you, as their customer, are satisfied. Being a rep in this industry is not easy. It’s very cut throat and because there is so much competition it’s difficult to maintain a client base. One situation gone astray can cause them to lose a valued client and these people are human who are only able to do what their employers will allow, which is sometimes very little.

It’s no secret that industry film reps carry those magic little expense cards and frequently take their clients to dinner, but has it ever occurred to you to be the one who reaches for the check first? These men and women work hard for you, helping your shop run smoothly, bending over backwards to meet impossible shipping timeframes, bringing you free samples, and showing you the latest tools. Even though many of them aren’t supposed to, they’ve even been known to roll up their sleeves and install a window for you on a busy day, or jump in the back seat to hard card defrost lines. My question to you – is it really that hard to show them you appreciate their help?

I’m speaking from a personal experience where we took one of our film reps out for lunch and when we insisted on paying he was taken aback and was appreciative. He then told us about a horrific story where he had been taken advantage of buy a client who tricked him into taking his entire family out to a Ruth Chris’s Steak House on the company card. By the time he was done, I was offended for him.

I’ll keep this blog short and sweet. This one is for my film reps and film rep friends. Shout out to you all! You are all amazing people and you deal with an insane amount of ignorance from some of your customers.

To my readers, I challenge you to buy your rep dinner the next time they schedule a shop visit.

Until next time. See you in the shade.

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