Rhode Island and Utah Have New Legislation to Consider

February 5th, 2020 by Emmariah Holcomb

Rhode Island and Utah each have new vehicle tint legislation that might impact your business. Legislatures in both states will consider making changes to current industry laws in this year’s sessions.

Rhode Island

The House introduced a bill in Rhode Island that is also referred to as H7203. The bill “would exempt certain public officials from the requirement of maintaining transparent windows and windshields.” If this bill were to pass municipal or state police officers, firefighters, state and court judges and state general assembly members would no longer have to abide by the state’s current window tint legislation.

“This act would exempt state or municipal police officers, firefighters, judges of state court, and members of the Rhode Island general assembly from the requirement of transparent windshields and windows,” a portion of the bill reads.

H7203 was introduced at the end of January 2020 and has been referred to the House Judiciary.

To view H7203’s full text, click here.


Utah’s House introduced a new bill last week, which is also referred to as H170. According to the bill’s text, upon passage it would reduce the light transmittance allowed for both front and side windows. The amendment looks to reduce the light transmittance from not less than 43% to not less than 25%.

It is important to note H170 maintains the percentage of light transmittance for front windshields at not less than 70%. The bill is currently under review in the House Transportation Committee.

Utah’s legislative session is scheduled to conclude on March 12. To view the bill’s full text, click here.

Look to a future edition for more updates on both pieces of legislation.

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