Are You Taking Safety Precautions While COVID-19 is Spreading?

March 18th, 2020 by Emmariah Holcomb

As COVID-19 continues to spread some window film business have implemented additional safety practices to ensure their employees and customers remain protected. Window Film magazine reached out to experts who shed light on what the industry is doing to stay safe.

“We’ve been hearing shops are taking extra measures to stay safe like social distancing, not shaking hands, and trying to give people more space – natural things like that as well as being extra vigilant with washing their hands, sanitizing things down that you touch or you’re coming in contact with,” said Patric Fransko, Eye Magnet Management president, in an interview on March 16, 2020.

Darrell Smith, International Window Film Association (IWFA) executive director, gave the following safety suggestions for industry businesses:

  • Print out copies of the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendations and give it to staff to read and take home to share with their family members.;
  • Post the CDC’s recommendations in key areas in your shop and office locations, which could even be posted on your company website;
  • Inform your employees that if they go on a sales call or perform an installation, they have a right to ask the customer if they feel well – if the customer doesn’t feel well, give them the right to call the office to ask to reschedule the sales call or installation; and
  • Check with customers in advance to ask if they would like to reschedule for any reason. They might cancel but it’s still cheaper than sending employees to a jobsite and then finding out they want to delay or cancel.

Automotive Jobs

When it comes to vehicles Fransko mentioned there are safety precautions several shops have been taking that include wiping door panels down when a car is received and wiping door handles and keys before the company returns the customer’s car.

“I think they’re all just trying to take steps to do more sanitary types of things,” Fransko said in a previous interview. “It’s not like every single one of them are practicing some lock step protocol. They’re all sort of implementing some sort of ad hoc thing to try to fit their business.”

Safety Tips

“They simply have to ask themselves the question, ‘What could put my customer at risk, or my employees?’” Smith said.

Smith also mentioned businesses should let their customers know you clean each window with special solutions to making sure dust specs are not allowed to get between the film and glass and that you cover floors and furnishings with drop cloths to keep everything as clean as it was found.

“Just letting your customers know these steps are standard operating procedure for your company may help allay any fears about having an installer come to a business or home to apply film,” Smith said.

Increased Appointments

“In general though I’ve spoken to people all across the country and a lot of our clients have said they’re having one of the best March’s in company history,” Fransko said in a previous interview.

According to Fransko, very few of his window film clients have mentioned getting appointment cancellation calls, but he also noted things can change at an instant. “As of right now I haven’t had a lot of my clients tell me that they’ve noticed a big impact with regard to [the virus] it affecting their business, he said in a previous interview.”

According to Smith, we don’t have information on the window film market but would venture to guess it will have an impact, if only as a result of all the uncertainties created up to this point.

Is your window film business taking additional precautions? If so, share them in the comment section below, and look to a future edition as we continue to cover COVID-19.

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