FilmTack Issues COVID-19 Advisory for Automotive Tinting Facilities

March 25th, 2020 by Emmariah Holcomb

FilmTack issued an advisory for vehicle tinting facilities amid the COVID-19 outbreak. According to the company, it consulted professional medical personnel to prepare recommendations. In addition to working with medical personnel, FilmTack has issued face masks to all of its staff and increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection on its premises.

The recommendations for automotive tine shops include:

  • Face masks for frontline staff who are liaising with customers in person;
  • Use of United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered disinfectants that are leather/fabric-safe, to disinfect the driver’s seat of vehicles before and after tinting;
  • Enforce simple visitor crowd-management by encouraging pre-bookings to avoid servicing queues;
  • Implement additional safety protocols in showrooms and tinting facilities:
    • Contract-tracing by registering visitors/customer’s name, contact number, arrival date and time;
    • Provide hand-disinfectants for visitors and customers;
    • Temperature-taking;
    • Disinfection your showroom regularly, especially tint-meter and heat demonstration kits with EPA-registered disinfectants; and
    • Disinfect the tinting bay after each vehicle is completed.
  • Reduce or avoid off-site automotive tinting. If mobile tinting is demanded by customers, arrange for pick-up services by valets (with relevant insurance coverage); and
  • Facilities such as car dealerships with more tinters should consider staggering work shifts as part of internal Business Continuity Management (BCM).

“The welfare of our staff and customers are of paramount importance to our industry. The above recommendations are by no means exhaustive. We can all, do our utmost to ensure business continues as usual and safe,” a portion of the company’s advisory reads.

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