Slightly Shaded by Jordan Campbell
by Jordan Campbell
March 11th, 2020

Stay Off Your ####### Phone!

Man, is it just me or are cell phones the bane of every shop owner’s existence as an employer? I’d really like to know what is so important to employees that they feel the need to stop what they’re doing to look at their phones. It’s become such an issue in our shop that we decided to buy lockers and a four phone landline system. Now if anyone needs to get in contact with one of our employees while they’re on the clock, they can call the shop.

Employees can be a shop’s asset or hindrance. On one hand, it’s great to have someone else in the shop helping with the workload, but on the other hand, you’re constantly babysitting. You have to implement crazy policies and invest in equipment you shouldn’t need just to monitor adults.

I’d like to say it’s only a certain generation who’s guilty of dallying on their pocket technology, but truth be told, it’s men and women of all ages, races and walks of life. I know 50 year-old men that behave like children behind their keyboard and women that live to stir up trouble and get blood flowing online. For real. Stop it. BOTTOM LINE. GET OFF OF YOUR PHONE AND GET BACK TO WORK.

Short and sweet today kids. See you in the shade!

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  1. I’m sorry for acting like a baby Behind my keyboard! Lol. Love y’all!

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