Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
April 1st, 2020

Mutual Satisfaction

One of my favorite things about working in this industry is having the ability to surprise clients with all we can do. That said, its also one of the biggest challenges; getting the message across that we (and our entire industry) are about more while window film remains one of our key focusses.

While architectural window film remains a core aspect of our business, the ongoing advances in printable media mean we are able to offer increasingly impressive printed graphics solutions, so its always rewarding to complete a big project that incorporates these products and techniques – even more so when it results in repeat business – for obvious reasons.

This particular project was a part of a large office refurbishment, set over two floors in Central London and involved adding printed graphics to a wide range of different surfaces, which delivered a consistently stylish look throughout the property, using brand lead graphics to give every part of the premises a stylish and consistent look.

We used printed optically clear film to add style and color to windows, printed frosted film to deliver on privacy, branding and manifestation needs, used computer cut film to deliver signage solutions and printed on long lasting vinyl to add a decorative flourish to cupboard doors.

This was a time sensitive project, with the work taking place the day before the facility was due to open. It was rewarding to see that, up against this pressure, the job was completed to the high standard wed expect, on time and delivering such an impactful result that the client has immediately engaged us to carry out a similar print and install job at another of their premises. All this said, the most rewarding aspect of this job was the getting the opportunity to stand back and see what can be achieved using our industrys products and methods.

When I speak to colleagues and peers from other industries, one of the main challenges I cite is the work required to spread awareness of what exactly companies like The Window Film Company and those run and operated so expertly by you and your colleagues, can do. We try to do that in a number of ways; via providing detailed information on our website, creating showcases and video, sharing case studies and publishing news stories. It’s a never ending cycle, but is an essential part of what we’re trying to do. The results aren’t always immediate and sometimes it can feel like tough going, but to secure jobs like this one, projects that are rewarding (not just financially but from a pride and satisfaction point of view too) it’s what’s required.

In short, as an industry we are able to do amazing things. Our role is to ensure that a many potential clients as possible are aware of that. To get to that stage takes perseverance, effort, time and almost certainly money, but as this job proved – the results can delight both you and your client – and is there any better feeling than that in business?

Until next time… toodle pip

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  1. Yeah Micky,
    One way I’ve tried to make aware of the decorative film aspect, is through the interior designers in my region. They are a fickle bunch it seems, to even respond back to me.
    (Only two have, so far this year) . Seems like the interior designers want their clients to spend money on the high dollar “designer” decor, items, accessories, etc. to make a bold but expensive statement. i.e. etched/stained/custom made glass.

    Bottom line: The awareness factor for decorative film applications is still in the shadows for interior designers; in my experience.

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