Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
June 17th, 2020

Stop Wasting Facebook and Instagram Ad Dollars!

I have wanted to write this article for some time, as this has become one of the most common mistakes I see when my agency begins working with a new client. As a part of the initial consultation, we might ask if they have been doing paid advertising for Facebook or Instagram. Often, the answer is something like “yes, but we just didn’t seem to be getting the response we wanted, so we stopped.”

One reason we have found this to be the case is this dreaded option in the picture below. That’s right, the “Boost Post” button. This may as well be shaped like a toilet lever because you are flushing your money down the drain every time you use it.

This might seem like odd advice coming from someone that owns an agency that has a specialty in Facebook and Instagram ad buying, but hear me out. While I fully advocate for paid advertising on these platforms, the ads must be run properly. Too often, the boost button is used generically to just add a daily or lifetime budget of boosting against a post with no real target. This may actually serve to get that post some likes and comments, but often does not result in any real traction.

With our clients, I couldn’t care less about how many likes a particular post gets that I am running paid ads against. My goal is to get the person to click through to a particular piece of content on the website or to reach out and connect in a way that starts the lead down the sales process. All of the likes and comments in the world do not matter if those people being reached do not turn into customers. My client’s goal is to utilize these platforms to grow their business, so we are very strategic in how we use paid ads to achieve this objective.

So, how do we achieve this? Simply, through precisely aimed ads and a well thought out target audience. I always tell people they mistakenly think that Facebook is a social media company. It’s not. It’s one of the very best data companies in the world and their information is extremely accurate because we populate the data. We tell Facebook/Instagram everyday things about who we are, what we like, what captures our interest, etc. Every time you use the platforms, you are giving Facebook a little more data about who you are.

Well, the great news from a marketing perspective is that you can use that mound of valuable data to tell Facebook/Instagram precisely to whom you want your ads to be displayed. This can be split by area, age, interests, financial status, education, and more. The options to hone in on your target are nearly limitless. Because you only pay for ads to be shown to the smaller, targeted audience, the likelihood of your budget landing more leads grows significantly.

In addition, you can utilize Facebook to re-market to people that have visited your website or interacted with your company in some way. This typically will require installing some specific code on your website to track this. However, once done, you can place ads and specifically target people that have been on your website in the past two weeks, 30 days, six months, etc. This allows you to narrow the audience even further to a group that has already shown an interest in your company.

If this article accomplishes one thing, I would hope it serves to keep you from ever blindly “boosting” a post again. Sure, you may get some positive results with this strategy, but you will be spending much more than you need to in order to get those results. Utilize the vast amount of data that Facebook has accumulated to help you be much more strategic in your ad buys. This will enable you to maximize the return you can get no matter what budget you have to work with.

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