Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
July 29th, 2020

Keeping Safe and Secure

Greetings from the UK, where steps are being taken to try and return our daily way of life to some sort of normality very slowly. A big part of this is the re-opening of retail outlets throughout the country, with a steady stream of stores reopening their doors to the public. This has proved to be good news for us here at The Window Film Company, with an increasing range of businesses contacting us for window film solutions.

We were proud to get a call from one of the most recognizable names on the British High Street; John Lewis (you may be aware of their famous TV advertisements at Christmas), who as part of their reopening plan, required an application of safety window film to their extensive glass frontage.

We knew it was going to be important to hit the ground running when parts of the economy began opening up again and this meant us continuing to operate during the period of lockdown that was observed. We were in a fortunate enough position to be able to compartmentalize our HQ, allowing us to maintain a skeleton staff during the quietest part of lockdown. During this time, the team responded to the customer requests that were coming in, reached out to clients who might have had to postpone projects and helped in preparing us for a wider reopening. This involved paying close attention to government updates and briefings, ensuring we had a full understanding of what was going to be required of us in advance; which in turn gave us time to prepare.

It’s been a difficult time and we’ve had to react to situations we never imagined, but by staying as nimble and focused as possible, we were able to ensure that once the situation allowed it, we were in the best place possible to resume operations.

The job required the application of over 300 square meters of 175 micron safety window film, with the plan being to apply the film as quickly as possible after the store reopened. This was desirable as it was assumed in the initial phase of opening footfall would be lower. This would result in the lowest possible levels of disruption. We assigned a team of three installers to ensure the project was completed to a high standard and to the timeframes required, with the safety film applied to virtually every external facing window.

We were able to carry out this work at the required time because we’d worked hard to remain responsive. Initially, when the pandemic struck and the impact became clear, our first concern was how to protect the business throughout an enforced period of almost complete inactivity. With the future as assured as it could be, we shifted focus to ensuring we could safely and sensibly start to think about what would be required to begin ramping up operations. This necessitated a complete transformation of the office to allow social distancing, a staggered return to work for our staff, new risk assessments and other logistical considerations – in short it was a completely different way of working.

All that said, and while this is obviously an unprecedented situation, the main focus has stayed the same. Do what’s best for our business, our people and our customers. It’s the only way! The actual methods of delivering may change, but the aim remains the same. It’s amplified now, but the main business principals remain the same; never be afraid to reassess, reevaluate how things are done, but don’t be tempted to use external factors as a reason to lose focus.

Until next time… toodle pip!

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