Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
July 1st, 2020

Pitching Perfect

Greetings from the UK, where things continue to slowly move towards some sort of normal. While there is clearly still a long way to go, by implementing clear plans and procedures here at The Window Film Company we are steadily increasing capacity and thankfully, other businesses seem to be doing the same as the phone begins to ring more regularly.

In my view, one of the biggest challenges in our industry is ensuring potential clients are fully aware of the possibilities presented by window film and printed graphics. I often deliberate on which way to pitch our offerings, as sometimes they can seem contradictory.

For example, I’m proud of the fact that we use only the highest grade films and printable media, yet also want clients to understand that a printed graphics solution perhaps isn’t as expensive as they might imagine. In explaining solar control window film, we have to find the balance between ensuring people understand that while the film is effective; it will reduce heat, but it won’t block the sun completely and make your room or office cold.

I want those leasing offices, perhaps on a short-term contract to know the branding we print and apply can be removed and the glass can be returned to its original state without suggesting our film and graphics are too easy to remove and won’t last. It’s important that clients know we take time to ensure all of our jobs are completed to high standards, while also knowing that if required, we can work to very tight turn round times. It can feel like something of a tightrope and knowing how to pitch particular products and services is a big part of the job – all centering around one of the biggest responsibilities I think we all have, which is education; taking the time to ensure as many people as possible know exactly what can be achieved when using our products and are confident in doing so.

With all of this in mind, it was nice to complete a job that called on some of those features, printing and installing high quality graphics that would only be in situ for 12 hours at a London TV studio.

Graphics were required to add branding to the set, so they had to be bright, vibrant and of the highest possible quality. The studio lights would highlight any imperfections. The graphics took the form of different colored text, and it was decided that the best way of delivering the best possible finish would be to print onto optically clear window film and apply the graphics in large, easy to install and easy to remove panels.

The graphics were a vital part of the set design, but were also relatively understated – and for a very good reason. The backdrop of the studio was formed of large glass panels, affording an absolutely extraordinary view of London. Through the glass it was possible to see the River Thames sweeping through the capital, along with fabulous views of Tower Bridge and a host of other instantly recognizable London landmarks.

With the studio hired for a single day, the logistics were of vital importance – our team had to be available the minute access to the space was possible, because the installation had to be carried out quickly, yet perfectly, allowing the crew to maximize the time they had in the studio ahead of the live transmission. With time in such short supply, there was no room for error – a familiar feeling for our installers who are experienced in working under pressure.

The film was installed without a hitch, leaving the studio looking fabulous, complete with bespoke branded graphics that could easily be removed when filming was over. It wasn’t our biggest project ever and while the views were hugely memorable, it’s the fact that we were trusted with a time sensitive and pressurized project that pleased me the most. The job, perhaps now more than ever, is to continue ensuring that potential clients understand exactly what can be achieved with window film and printed graphics. In our industry, education is and always will be key.

Until next time… toodle pip!

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