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July 29th, 2020 by Editor

One of SPF Window Tinting’s customers landed on the runway with his Robinson R66 helicopter for a tint job.

What is the most unique film job you have done? Window Film magazine would love to feature it in our magazine and possible even online in our new department, Film Jobs. Our first job is one you don’t see every day—a helicopter, and it’s proof that happy customers will always come back.

Ty Sullivan, vice president of SPF Window Tinting (SPF) in Hattiesburg, Miss., never thought it would lead to the tinting of a helicopter—that is until he met a customer for life. It started when Sullivan tinted his car, a Mercedes G-63 AMG. The customer was so pleased with the results it wasn’t long before he returned to get his commercial building tinted. The contract to tint the windows of his house soon followed.

When this gentleman wanted cooler temperatures in his Robinson R66 helicopter, he returned to the company that had done such great work on his car, business and home.

“We educated the customer on the requirements and the liabilities–there were many,” says Sullivan.

Most aircraft windows are constructed from polycarbonate or acrylic plastics, and these materials are not often tinted because of the outgassing, the release of vapor, they generate. While the polycarbonate is being formed, it traps water molecules within it. As the polycarbonate ages, any film applied to the product’s surface bubbles when the water molecules escape.

Sullivan eliminated the outgassing problem with the helicopter’s acrylic windows by applying Blister Free, a 2-millimeter film with a proprietary adhesive produced by Madico. A second solar control film, Color Stable 35% by 3M™, was applied on top of the Blister Free film to achieve the interior cabin temperatures the customer desired.

“This project was interesting, fun, expensive, time-consuming and aesthetically pleasing,” says Sullivan.

Sullivan was also featured in a recent issue as a Film Star.  If you would like to be considered as a future Film Star email eholcomb@glass.com.


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