Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
August 19th, 2020

Don’t Make This Huge Marketing Mistake in 2020 (Part1)

I don’t think I am overstating it to say that this may be one of the most important marketing related articles I have ever written for this magazine. It is important enough that I am breaking this content down into three separate pieces to make sure we cover as much as possible. So, what is this HUGE mistake that I am trying to help you avoid? Simply put, not taking advantage of all of the ways Google has in place for you to succeed. More pointedly, not taking advantage of what Google My Business allows you to do.

So, why am I making such a big deal out of this? Is Google really of the utmost importance? The short answer is YES! Google owns the internet search world, it’s not an opinion it is a fact. According to recent data (April 2020) from Statista, Google owns 86.02% of all global search traffic. That’s right, not just domestic…that is their global market share.

The study says the following; “Ever since the introduction of Google Search in 1997, the worldwide market share of all search engines has been rather lopsided. Google has dominated the search engine market, maintaining an 86.02 percent market share as of April 2020.”

Now that we have determined Google owns search online, how can you best position your company to take advantage of it? There are three primary ways:

  • Paid Search – Utilizing Google Adwords to place your company listing at the top of relevant keyword searches at a cost.
  • Organic Search – Using both on-website and off-website search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in an attempt to get your company listing to show higher up for relevant searches. This has no fees paid to Google directly and is dependent on SEO efforts which would cost if you utilized an outside service.
  • Map Pack Results (Google My Business) – While most people are familiar with the other two practices this one is often either ignored or underutilized. I plan to take parts two and three of this series to explain why this is a big mistake. Simply put, Google is placing these listings in priority spots and often above paid search listings. Understanding how your Google My Business page can be optimized to give your company good positioning in this area is becoming more important than ever.

You are not going to want to miss the second and third parts, as we will unpack some of the best ways to optimize your Google My Business listing to get great results. I think if you follow these strategies, your company will begin seeing immediate positive results and you will be laying the foundation for superior results into the foreseeable future.

Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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