Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
September 16th, 2020

Don’t Make This Huge Marketing Mistake in 2020 (Part 2)

In the previous article found HERE, we discussed the importance of your Google My Business listing and how neglecting that would be one of the biggest marketing mistakes you could make in 2020. In this article, I want to focus in on why the Google Map Pack result placement is so important.

Based on research we have done, it seems Google is working harder to keep people on its platform by giving them the results they are searching for without ever having to leave. One area you see this in is the increased importance of the Map Pack via the placement in search results. The picture to the right shows a random search we did for “window tinting Albuquerque, NM”. There is nothing special about this search and you can likely replicate a similar result in your market by doing a comparable search.

Notice the placement of the Map Pack results at the very top of the page and before any organic search results generated by your website. These results in the Map Pack are driven by your Google My Business page. We have even witnessed results where the Map Pack appears above some of the paid search results being driven by Google Adwords. This is the most premium placement that Google has available and they are choosing to occupy it with the Map Pack results. This is a good indication of the importance that they place on the Google My Business listings.

With the importance being noted, what can you be doing to make sure your company is well positioned to take advantage? The list below is something that every business should be doing.

  1. Register a Google My Business listing if you have not already done so.
  2. Verify that listing ASAP. This can be done via a mailed postcard from Google with a verification code and sometimes via a phone call. Your listing is worthless until it is verified, so please make sure you complete this step.
  3. Fill out all information that Google makes available to customize to your business. This ranges from the url your page will be found at, hours, services, phone, email, website, etc. Be as thorough as you possibly can. The more Google knows about your business, the better job it will do populating it in relevant searches.
  4. Begin accumulating Google Reviews for this location. They make it easy and give you a handy link to distribute to customers that take them directly to your reviews page. This is critical as the number of reviews and the average score of those reviews plays a part in where you will be listed. Notice the example above. It is hardly a mistake that the company with the most reviews is at the top. Even though they have a slightly lower average rating than the company in the third position, the sheer number of reviews is likely why they hold the top spot.

That is it for Part 2 of this series. In Part 3 we will pull all of this together in one last step you can do to optimize this Google listing. Until then, get busy on the list above and gathering those reviews!

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