FDC Graphic Films, Inc. Introduces New and Improved Customer Care Center

September 9th, 2020 by Emmariah Holcomb

FDC Graphic Films, Inc. (FDC) recently announced it has invested in technology to provide streamlined customer care communications. FDC’s Customer Care Center, formerly called Customer Service, now represents of the company’s five core values, according to the company’s release.

In addition to the slightly new terminology, there will be minor changes to FDC’s email and chat interface. “We believe this will present a seamless transition welcomed by all,” said Renée Thibodeaux, FDC sales and customer care vice president.

FDC’s Customer Care Center platform includes:

  • Communication flexibility with live chat, messaging, and voice options;
  • Increased speed of real-time support with CCAs working within the same area where they manage tickets for faster resolution;
  • Personalized engagement with CCAs via technology identification as they get to know customers more efficiently;
  • Enhanced support through CCA’s increased product knowledge training;
  • Improved online forms for orders, custom quotes, and RMAs; and
  • Assistance with an FDC Sign Portal™ Tutorial tool to help navigate through the company’s VIP online self-help system.

“I am so pleased to utilize this enhanced communication platform for engaging with our customers on a more efficient basis,” said Thibodeaux. “FDC’s Customer Care Agents will have a more integrated tool to communicate with our distributors through all inbound and outbound touchpoints: phone, email, and chat.”

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