One Installation Gave This Customer a New Appreciation for Her Home

September 23rd, 2020 by Emmariah Holcomb

“Having blinds and papers on the windows throughout your home is not a way to live,” said Randy Humphries, window film installer at Music City Window Tint. “This installation was nothing to think twice about especially after I talked to Dave Croft, Music City Window Tint’s owner, about it.” He explained how a recent window film installation impacted more than just the customer.

Last week the company did an installation for a homeowner who has a child with a rare skin disorder called xeroderma pigmentosum (XP). According to the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD), XP can effect approximately one person in every one million people.

Riley McCoy and her dog, photo courtesy of Randy Humphries.

“XP is a rare inherited skin disorder characterized by a heightened sensitivity to the DNA damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV). The main source of UV is the sun,” according to NORD. “The symptoms of XP can be seen in any sun-exposed area of the body. The effects are greatest on the skin, the eyelids and the surface of the eyes but the tip of the tongue may also be damaged.”

According to Humphries, the family just moved to Tennessee from California. Pam McCoy, mother to Riley McCoy, “came in wanting window tint on her car so she could drive with her daughter.” She also asked if Humphries could look at their house for a possible window film installation.

“I went down to look at her house and I met her daughter Riley. Then Pam started explaining her daughter’s condition to me,” Humphries recalls. “I talked to LLumar [our film supplier] and Dave [Croft] about it and we estimated the job to cost almost $10,000. I was thrilled when I was able to tell Pam that we came to the agreement that LLumar was donating the materials and we were going to donate the time to do the job.”

The installation took a few days and consisted of installing window film on more than 550 windows, according to Humphries, who said Riley was so excited that she and her sister baked cookies for the team. “Those were the best cookies I’ve ever had,” said Humphries.

The McCoy installation, photo courtesy of Randy Humphries.

Although he’s been in the industry for two decades this particular project still leaves Humphries a little choked up. He said that with everything Riley has been through she remains positive and is like a breath of fresh air. Humphries explained that he is now friends with the McCoy family and checks in with Riley periodically.

“I left that jobsite and called my wife to tell her what we did and it was really breathtaking. This young lady has been through so much but you could never tell,” said Humphries. “This is the first time in her new house that she can eat meals and do things with her family. You have to think about how many people take this for granted.”

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