Sharp Dressed Car — Working on Nearly a Century Old Car, the Job of a Lifetime

September 9th, 2020 by Editor

It may be almost 100 years old, but when the 1934 Chevy Sedan pulled out of Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments (BHWTT) in Fort Myers, Fla., it was a “sharp dressed” car to say the least.

The 1934 Chevy Sedan, a once in a lifetime installation.

But owner and operator Chris Russo says a job like this can’t be done by just anyone.

“Hell no. It takes a lot of talent, experience and patience,” Russo says.

Two pros worked on the 1934 Chevy Sedan–Dwayne Howell, did the window film installation while George Malouse installed the paint protection film (PPF). Both have been working for the company for about 15 years. Even with their experience, Russo says they take a little extra time to get it just right because these types of job are rare.

“We are lucky if we do two or three in a lifetime, compared to say 10-20 Altimas in a week,” Russo says.

Everything is cut by hand, which is another reason this type of job can take more time than average, but Russo says it’s not much of an issue. He says they take “extreme caution” with every vehicle, and he thinks there is a sense of pride in going above and beyond with this type of vehicle. Russo says it’s both fun and nerve-wracking–getting to say you installed window film on a nearly a century old car.

The completed look in front of Beverly Hills Tinting.

BHWTT does quite a few classic cars and according to Russo, the company been doing work on all types of vehicles since it opened in 1991. While most classic car owners have a reputation for being hesitant to change things on their car that isn’t original, Russo’s customers want window film because of the heat in southern Florida.

His team used LLumar CTX 35/15 tint and LLumar PPF. Russo’s advice to anyone doing this work is, “just take your time and have some patience.”


Kyra Thompson wrote this report.

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