Eastman Appears in Season 5 of the Original Deluxe Series “Small Business Revolution”

November 18th, 2020 by Editor

Small Business Revolution (SBR) aims to revitalize small towns with one small business at a time. According to SBR’s YouTube channel, each season America chooses the town, and it chooses the small businesses to help. Deluxe and a few celebrity experts give the chosen small businesses a makeover of a lifetime. From thousands of nominations and a weeklong public vote, Fredonia, N.Y., was chosen as the featured town of the series’ fifth season.

Mike Plaza’s Nyce & Clean Auto Detailing is one of the Fredonia businesses selected in the fifth season. Plaza sought help from Deluxe to strengthen his customer base after he moved his business from his garage into a professional detailing shop.

Deluxe reached out to Eastman’s Performance Films (Eastman) team about making Plaza a LLumar® dealer based on the recommendations from two of the show’s experts, Hiep Dang and Mylan Sleets, co-owners of Pristine Detail in Minnesota’s Twin Cities.

“We really approached it the same way we approach any new customer,” said Mike Ferrara, a Performance Films dealer development representative. “We tell them the LLumar® story, show them what we’re all about, what we offer and how we can partner with them to grow their business. We didn’t treat this any different than we would have any other customer.”

“Dustin Hall, a technical services trainer, was able to get Mike’s shop set up with marketing materials, tools,” said Ferrara. “He spent a couple of days working with Mike, showing him how to install the window tint, so he was just a huge help.”

Ferrara and the rest of the team have remained in touch with Plaza since filming for the show finished.

“That’s what sets us apart from the rest of the industry,” said Ferrara. “Of course we have a quality product that we offer, but I think it’s our support. I don’t think there’s another film company out there that can do what we do and has all the things that we offer.”

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