Window of Opportunity by Micky Calcott
by Micky Calcott
November 25th, 2020

Involved in Innovation

As we creep ever closer to the end of what has been a spectacularly challenging year, I’m sure I’m not alone in looking ahead and hoping that 2021 brings a change of fortune for us all and a slightly less testing set of circumstances. That said, I’ve never been one for wishing time away and in thinking about what a tough time we’ve had of it for large parts of 2020, I’ve realized that as an industry and a company, we’ve proved ourselves to be pretty resilient.

Despite the unprecedented situation, The Window Film Company has been busy. And not just busy, but busy installing and supplying a wide range of products to a wide range of clients and this is hugely encouraging. As I’ve said in this column before, I see one of our major challenges as educating the public and ensuring our potential customers know what we’re capable of. Even during a pandemic we’re continuing to complete a mix of projects and it makes me proud of both our work here and that of the industry as a whole.

To put things into context, here is a small selection of the work we’ve recently completed:

Colored window film as a part of a temporary exhibition at a London gallery. Vibrant red window film was applied to large glass panels to transform the appearance of the popular gallery for the duration of a new installation. Colored window film has also proved popular in residential settings recently.

Stained glass effect window film was created by printing onto optically clear film and computer cutting it before applying out of frame to a large circular window for a church.

Branded manifestation continues to be popular, with companies taking the opportunity of having branding or other decorative elements cut or printed as part of their legal manifestation requirements.

Conservatory heat reduction film has been a popular choice despite the cooler temperatures, with customers evidently preparing for summer 2021. We’ve also seen an increase in the use of window film for polycarbonate roofs.

Printed wallpaper was used to deliver a stunning new look to a new gym facility at a school. The stunning, full length graphics were a bespoke design and created an incredible new look for a fabulous facility.

Security window film has been a common theme for both commercial and residential properties, with varying thicknesses of our clear film being favored.

I could go on, but hopefully the list paints a positive picture of our experience, and gives continued cause for optimism for the remainder of this year and the beginning of the next. People need us and we’re happy to help!
The range of products we install is wide, but the great thing about our world is that there is always a scope for increasing it further. I’m constantly in touch with suppliers and manufacturers about new and exciting products, and while it isn’t always appropriate for us to green light new products, it’s inspirational, reassuring and encouraging to know that there is so much innovation driving our industry – even at this difficult time.

I’ve long since been proud of the window film world, and the resolve, ingenuity and commitment that has been shown throughout 2020 has only served to amplify that feeling further.

Until next time… toodle pip!

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