Film Companies Help Commercial Owners Give their Buildings a Facelift

December 2nd, 2020 by Tara Taffera

When Ferrari went through a corporate identity update several years ago, they called on Tint by Masters to update the exterior. ‘The building was ivory, and we turned it into a matte gray,” says King.

While COVID-19 may change the landscape of office vacancy rates as more business owners recognize the viability of employees working from home, building owners are looking to update the exterior to draw in potential occupants—reimage or reface it if you will.

This is good news for window film companies equipped to offer this type of architectural install. It is a tall order, however, and not one any film shop can take on. While some in the industry refer to this type of makeover as building wraps, those we spoke to say that is not the best term as it causes some people to think this is similar to vehicle wraps. In reality, it’s a different animal all together.

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“It was not an option for them to close the dealership and paint it,” says King. “We were able to come in and do this in stages while they still stayed open.”

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Ryan King, owner at Tint by Masters Gulf Coast in the Tampa Bay, Fla., area, throws yet another term into the mix—façade rejuvenation. You can find out more about his success in this area in the print issue, but there were photos that didn’t make it into that article we want to share here. Perhaps this is a new area of expansion for your company? Consider all the details however, before moving forward.

Tint by Masters Gulf Coast also updated a local Kia dealership due to a fading exterior.

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