Learn What It Takes When Choosing a Supplier

December 9th, 2020 by Emmariah Holcomb

“For me, the most important factor is how long the company has been in business offering the product or service that I need from them,” says Kyle Owen, owner of Clear Bra Indy, as he highlights key points to look for while you’re supplier-shopping. “If the company is relatively new with a product or service, I look at how long the service or product has been around. I have a strong reputation in this industry and I want to make sure no product or service is going to diminish it.”

Whether you’re new to the industry or a long-time pro it’s important to know the qualities of suppliers and decide which will best benefit you and your company. In this article, you’ll learn some of the top assets to look for in a supplier as well as questions that suppliers often answer when working with prospective clients.

Moving Forward

According to Elizabeth Dillon, sales and marketing executive vice president for Maxpro Window Films in, Whiteville, N.C., it takes a couple of weeks on average for a company to settle on a new supplier once their research is done.

“With Maxpro we have an initial discovery meeting to determine what our prospect’s real needs are,” she says. “Then samples ultimately are sent with a follow up planned according to the conversation that was had, then it’s a matter of making sure we are a fit on both sides.”

Milind Tilak, senior general manager for Global Window Films, agrees with Dillion and states it takes time to feel comfortable with a new supplier.

“A few weeks is needed, as this is the time it takes to receive samples, perform testing, review pricing and marketing materials,” says Tilak.

Overall customer service is a top priority for suppliers, as keeping clients happy contributes to overall growth. Dillon finds that when a new prospect comes to her company it is usually because they were upset with their current supplier. She says it comes down to having quality and consistent customer service.

“Installers and business owners can deal with bad products here and there or even delivery issues from time to time, but at the end of the day when they make a call to their supplier to get answers or ask questions … it’s the customer service and the level of attention they receive from their supplier that matters the most to them,” Dillon says.

“Product availability, warranty, marketing materials, cutting software and technical support are some of our top priorities,” says Tilak. He also explained that over the years he’s noticed the most important thing to potential clients comes down to consistent quality products that are sustainable year after year.

To learn more insight on how to choose a supplier, and to read the full article in PPF magazine, click here.

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  1. Here’s my take on suppliers:
    It’s very possible to set up an account directly with major & minor film manufacturers.
    I’ve also found the most competitive pricing on tools & supplies, specifically from industry tool supply companies as opposed to online middlemen found around the internet.
    Example: Need an EDTM instrument? Go directly to EDTM; not Ebay or Amazon.
    Businesses should be wizing up by now that they don’t need to search over the creation to find what they need at the best price; Go directly to the Source.

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