Slightly Shaded by Jordan Campbell
by Jordan Campbell
February 24th, 2021

Offering Easy Upsells

Wow, what a time to live in. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and morphed computer keys into an opinionated blog. I’m sorry about that, but as we all know the life of a business owner is unpredictable and at times hectic. When you add in a global pandemic and “free money” from the government we find ourselves in a stimulated economy that loves to spend money in frivolous avenues.

As an aftermarket auto accessory shop we’re not complaining. 2020 proved to be a great year for our business and, from what I gather, many of your shops as well. Some shops even reported having their most profitable year yet. Congratulations to those of you who hit that benchmark. I’m certain you busted your little booties to make hay while the sun shines and I’m happy for you.

Since it seems the sun is somewhat shining and the clients visiting my shop are still spending money like it’s burning a hole in their pocket, I’ve recently begun seeking quick and easy upsells. I’ve been particularly seeking “stupid proof” upsells – things that are so easy a monkey could do it and in less than one hour on top of that. Our install shop offers a variety of services and while our main focus is tint, we also offer PPF, vinyl graphics and pinstripes, detailing, buffing, glass replacement, powder coating wheels, auto accessory install and more. When asked about our services I reply, “The shorter answer is what we don’t do.” Which leads me to some of the services we’re going to be adding. (Keep in mind this blog is not for every shop out there, many of you have already added these services or products. Some of you have even offered me advice when I asked for it. Thanks for that.)

Windshield wiper replacements are one of the new offerings, because we work with glass, we have the ability to purchase the blades at wholesale pricing. I’m very excited about this particular up sell because for a small investment of under $700 I can begin offering windshield wiper blade replacement to every car that comes in and it literally takes my technician mere minutes to install them. The mark-up is great. It’s quick, easy and convenient for my customers. I’m certain this is going to be a great move to increase our shop’s profits. This offers a one-stop solution for my customers and I’m certain many will be taking advantage of the service.

Windshield treatments are another upsell addition we’ve made. This offer excites me because it can be done in minutes. I’m still working on my pricing for this one, so I’m open to suggestions if you don’t mind sharing.

Tinting marker lights can be another option for your business. We’ve been charging an average of $17 – $25 per marker light. This is a great sell to the customer that comes in looking for an aesthetic tint job. It’s all about making the car look cool and the same thing can be said for pin stripes. I market these to some of my older clientele, for some reason the old folks with Cadillacs love to put a pinstripe on their plush rides. My fellow installer, Hayley Turner, suggested I look into buying and selling vent visors and floor mats. I have the ability to order both of these options already, so I’ll definitely be looking into these as well.

What are some things you offer in shop that fit my criteria? Quick, easy, and profitable? Why do you like them? If you’re open to sharing, please do. Until next time, see you in the shade.

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