Why Surface Protection Films Should Be On Your Radar

April 7th, 2021 by Editor

Diversification is one of the many things that can bring more dollars to your shop. Gregg McKay, founder and CEO of Nuvue Window Films in Escondido, Calif., says surface protection film installations are an easy addition that you should consider adding to your business offerings.

“We’ve used surface protection films, mainly on the flat glass side, as a way of not only diversifying our business, but also protecting people’s surfaces from glass, to metal and elevator doors,” says McKay. He says his company installs the Nuvue Window Films on counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms and even in restaurants.

Customer trust is something that McKay says opens the door for your installers to offer surface protection installations. “When you’re in the customer’s home, business or restaurant for window tinting you know that they trust you, says McKay. “That makes it easier for your team to turn around and point out other surfaces that they can protect. You wind up getting more business that way or listing the benefits of having the product installed.”

According to McKay, his installation team allows for a smooth transition for customers who might be considering adding a level of protection to their more commonly used surfaces. He says they make his customer’s aware of multiple protection options, “which will save them money in the long run.”

“Now establishments want to look fresh all of the time,” says McKay. “At one point a few years ago surface protective films was 40% of our business – it’s repetitive work and the films will get damaged over time and your customers are going to call you back.”

McKay notes that it’s important to inform your customers that having this service installed is a lot cheaper than replacing countertops and glass. Typically glass surface protection film installations, on average, can be done five to eight times for the cost of replacing the glass, according to McKay.

Nuvue began offering this service years ago as a repose to vandals, according to McKay, who says “when there’s an issue you find a solution for it.”

McKay says there is an easy way companies that are hesitant to add this line can help grow their business. “If you’re maxed out on tinting you can bring in other guys and train them on this service, it’s like making money on top of money,” says McKay. “Window tinting and surface protection films go hand in hand and you can easily cross-train your installers.”

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