The New Guy by Chris Collier
by Chris Collier
May 19th, 2021

The New Guy—Installment #2

Welcome back to The New Guy, a weekly blog where I—recently-hired assistant editor and newcomer to the window film industry—share my experiences, lightbulb moments and personal opinions. For installment #2, I want to share the educational experiences that I had during a shadow visit at The Tint Guy in Woodstock, Ga.

On Monday, May 3, I visited The Tint Guy for my official, in-person introduction to the wide world of window film. Founded by Chris Robinson in 1986, The Tint Guy is located in both Woodstock and Kennesaw, Ga.

My visit started with a blacked-out Chevy Trailblazer. Chris took me to one of his bays to demonstrate an employee applying tint. As the tint was being applied, he took me aside and pointed out various rolls of film, emphasizing the different percentage levels. He pointed out a variety of options—from pitch black 10% to clear-as-day 90%. Reading about the various levels was one thing—seeing them in person was another. Twenty minutes in, and I was already learning a ton.

My visit continued with a trip to the main lobby of Chris’ shop, where he told me all about some of the different films he carries from 3M and Eastman. He took me to different displays that demonstrated the power of heat-rejecting window film. Scanning my hand along several pieces of film, I was able to see how different levels of tint block varying amounts of heat.

We then headed to his Kennesaw location, where I conversed with several employees. It was here that I saw Chris’ team apply PPF to a black Porsche Cayenne. His team demonstrated the elasticity of the film, stating application difficulty varies car to car. Packed with curves, lines, and indentions, I discovered that this Cayenne was going to be quite the job. To end the visit, I learned about the power of plotters. Chris detailed the pre-installed software on the plotter, explaining that it contains the designs of many vehicles.

Tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms cut my visit short, but nonetheless, this educational experience stuck with me. I hope to see residential and commercial installations in the future to gain even more knowledge. Huge thanks to Chris for letting me learn alongside him for the day. I appreciate everyone stopping by for the second installment of The New Guy. Take care!

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