This Film Company is Under Review—1,000 of Them, in Fact

May 5th, 2021 by Chris Collier

David Rosenberg’s company, Artistic Window Tinting, has held a “five star” rating from Google for quite a while. And on April 27, the company, which started from Rosenberg’s garage in Yuba City, Calif., in 2004, added another one. That five-star Google rating is now backed by more than 1,000 reviews. The shop, a first-come-first-serve facility located 40 miles north of Sacramento, specializes in all aspects of automotive window tinting and has four full-time employees. These days, Rosenberg rarely arrives to work before his customers have time to form a line.

Liz Lasa and David Rosenberg show off their  latest glass and window tinting award

“We officially open at seven, [and] I like to try and be there by six,” Rosenberg said. “This last week, which is normal, the first Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, [customers] beat me all three times. In the last few days, [customers] didn’t beat me, but we still filled up before around nine.”

Liz Lasa has worked at Artistic Window tinting for more than a decade and credits the recent Google review milestone to personable social media engagement.

“I think what worked for us is having pictures of our customers because people love seeing their pictures and they’re proud,” Lasa said. “I upload it on our Instagram, [and] I do send the picture to our customers. And I feel like with them seeing that picture, they’re so proud to be a part of this business. So I think that’s what’s leading to our Google reviews.”

Across the U.S. at The Tint Guy in Woodstock and Kennesaw, Ga., owner Chris Robinson said the importance of Google reviews can’t be understated.

“I think that [with] Google reviews—everybody’s on social media, everybody uses Google Maps, [and] the first thing [customers] do when they go to look for window tinting [is a] Google search,” Robinson said. “The better ranked you are—the more ratings you have—the better you’re going to [look] to the customer. And then when the customer makes it to you, and they see that you have—in our case, we have over 900 reviews—and they see a five-star rating, that’s trust. You instantly instill trust into your customer. You can build a nice website and put that you’re the number-one dealer in the Atlanta metro area. But if you only have one or two Google reviews, and you’re only carrying a four-star rating, there’s something wrong. And people are always going to legitimize you as a business by what they hear from others.”

Artistic Window Tinting’s ascension to Yuba City fame came without the aid of purchased social media likes, followers or reviews. Rather, its review count multiplication and rise began with the lost art of genuine human interaction. Whether Lasa is snapping photos of satisfied customers for Instagram or handing out her cellphone number for 24/7 support, it can’t be denied—the quality of the conversation is just as crucial as the quality of the installation at this film shop. While hitting four-figures on Google is gratifying, Rosenberg and Lasa aren’t satisfied. Their garage startup aims to reach 2,000 Google reviews by year’s end, one relationship and tint job at a time.

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