Tint City Turns the Tide in Skin Cancer Battle

May 26th, 2021 by Chris Collier

Art Ceballos, owner of Tint City, Inc. in Loma Linda, Calif., received dozens of thank you letters in 2012. But the letters weren’t from business associates or gift recipients. Instead, they were written by skin cancer patients who had received auto window tint jobs free of charge.

“It started in 2012,” Ceballos said. “We’re next to Loma Linda Hospital, and one day, I had two customers come in [and tell me] they were diagnosed with skin cancer. [Doctors] always recommend that [patients] get window tint because of the protection of the UV rays. Both those customers told me that they’ll let me know because they couldn’t afford it at the time. So that’s what inspired me to start helping out. Even [for] some customers who could afford it, it’s still nice to do something nice for someone when they’re going through something like that.”

Ceballos’ family-run business tinted an estimated 200 cars for skin cancer patients from 2012 to 2014, free of charge.

“I had a lot of customers that—once they got it done, some of them really took it to heart,” Ceballos said. “They were actually crying in the store, and they would ask you, ‘why are you doing that?’ And it was mainly just to give back—to give back to people going through a hard time.”

Nearly a decade after his program’s founding, his mission now extends far beyond the walls of his three Tint City locations.

Arturo Ceballos’ family. (photo courtesy of Arturo Ceballos)

“[At the] end of January of this year, my wife was actually diagnosed with melanoma,” Ceballos said. “It was a coincidence because we did [the program] in 2012 and just this year, she was diagnosed. Just like two weeks ago, they were able to complete—it was a mystery, her case, because they didn’t find it anywhere in her skin where it could have started. They actually found a mass next to her lung. They were able to take it out. And right now she’s at home recovering.”

Art’s daughter, Marissa, said that even as early as 2014, she knew her father didn’t have a desire to end his program anytime soon. And she was right. Inspired by his wife’s battle, Art’s three Tint City locations will be offering skin cancer patients free auto window tint jobs this summer. With Skin Cancer Awareness Month coming to a close, he hopes his program furthers efforts to fight America’s most common cancer.

Art has over 200 letters from skin cancer patients, but doesn’t display them on social media. He said he didn’t start his program for followers, likes or revenue. He just wanted to help out.

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  1. Very proud of what my brother Art is doing to help out his community. Hoping what he is doing is paid forward many times over so more people that are down on their luck can be blessed.

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