Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
May 19th, 2021

Why Local Marketing and SEO are So Important for Your Business

I have written many articles over the last several years about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and creating a website that is designed to perform well for your desired search results. This month, I want to focus on the importance of localized marketing and SEO and why this is so important to your business.

For most businesses that our agency works with, the goal is not to perform globally or nationally for specific keywords or key phrases, but to dominate those searches on a local level. That is because they are providing their product and service to a specific localized area. While showing up in national search results might make them feel good, it likely does not have a substantive impact on their actual business. This is why a focused effort on dominating the appropriate search terms locally should be prioritized in any SEO strategy for most small businesses.

First though, a word about keyword strategy and research; you need to imagine that you are your prospects as they initiate a search. What words do they use? What do they type into the Google search that you want your product to come up for? Try to eliminate the use of industry language that you might use but would be foreign to a prospective client. Your keyword strategy should be 100% targeted at the words, sentences and phrases people use when searching for things that you want your company to show up in the results for.

Next, consider using the words on cities, counties, etc. in your SEO strategy. An example might be that an electrician in Newark, N.J., might use keywords/key phrases like “Electrician Newark, NJ” or “Electrical Contractor Newark, NJ.” This will help separate you from all the websites optimized for “electrical contractor” alone when people in the Newark area are searching. You can integrate cities/regions in everything from page titles, meta descriptions, page slugs and photo alt tags. When you are trying to optimize for local searches, be thinking of the ways to optimize that include the name of the city/region when possible.

It should be noted that this should be done in a natural way. You do not want to inject the city name into the title in a way that no longer reads properly just to get it inserted somehow. Wherever it is used, it should read naturally.

Next, use imagery native to the area you are trying to target on your website and in your posts. You want the visitor to either see things they recognize on your website or in your posts, or at least the photos look to be from that area. One example of this being done improperly would be a company in the Midwest posting pictures showing palm trees in the background. It just feels inauthentic to anyone visiting your website or viewing your posts on social media.

Finally, I have written about the importance of Google My Business to a local business. It is imperative that you properly set-up your Google My Business page and verify it. To learn more about this, click HERE. After this, begin cultivating reviews on this page. This strategy will have you pulling up in the all-important map listings on Google searches. This move alone can dramatically improve your local SEO and help you get in front of more potential clients in your area.

Local Marketing and SEO is critical for a small business. Hopefully, this article helps you dominate those local listings.

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