From Tinting to Top Golf: A Film Shop’s Guide to a Tight-Knit Team and Shatterproof Chemistry

June 2nd, 2021 by Chris Collier

Hawaii’s T&T Tinting Specialists, Inc. has seen its annual sales jump exponentially throughout its 39-year history. What’s the company’s secret? Tommy Silva, CEO/president at T&T Tinting Specialists, credits the success to one word—ohana.

“Over the past 39 years we’ve done many group company activities that not only reward employees for their hard work and efforts, but bring them together as a family and tighter knit caring team,” Silva said.

From go-kart racing to family bowling nights to barbeques to ATV-riding, there isn’t a form of fun the company hasn’t implemented into its team-building agenda.

“While I am a workaholic like most tinters in the business, I know you must schedule and make time for yourself, your health and your family and friends,” Silva said. “None of this is worth it if you don’t. Once you master the life-work-fun balance, you win.”

The crew at T&T Tinting Specialists. (photo courtesy of Tommy Silva)

Silva said his crew’s bond played a role in his company’s most recent award—the 2019 National LLumar SelectPro Dealer of the Year.

“I know that the ability to succeed depends 100% on the team’s goals,” Silva said. “There is no way that I—Tommy Silva—attained these numbers, five-star reviews, national accolades and awards alone. The team contributes the hard work and sweat equity and I am so proud that they allow me to steer the ship.”

When it comes to team-building, Silva said the effort is more than worth it.

“Like Nike says, ’Just Do It,’” Silva said. “Ask your team what they feel would be a fun event and then just do it. It is very rewarding and contagious and you will start to see the benefits soon thereafter. Don’t get me wrong, there will be some staff that don’t feel like participating, or don’t express any appreciation for the time, effort and money that goes into planning and executing these events. But you should still do it for those that do.”

More than 6,000 miles from T&T Tinting Specialists in Honolulu is Lamina Films Techno-Sell (Frey) Co., Ltd, a Thailand market leader in automobile window film installation. Ms. Channapa Saisamorn, CEO at Lamina Films, grows her team through nationwide philanthropy.

Lamina Films’ team-building activities focus on philanthropy. (photo courtesy of Lamina Films)

“Company management believes education can help rise the quality of life, but opportunities for education are not equal between children in the city and in rural areas,” Saisamorn said. “This led to the creation of the Lamina Dream Education Project, in which one new school building is built every year over the past 20 years.”


On a mission to “grow and move forward strongly together with Thai society,” Saisamorn’s company places an emphasis on team-building projects that create sustainable development for the country. Working as one, Lamina Films has helped construct libraries and restrooms, delivered mobile dental care units to communities and restored forests through environmental initiatives.

“We recommend to start with something close to ourselves that can be done easily and immediately,” Saisamorn said. “For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals lack tools such as face shields. You as a dealer’s shop of window films specialists are able to support the face shield by using our safety film material to create an extra strong face shield. Donate to the hospitals. This is one of [the] company’s team building [activities.] Different departments [can help] each other to make thousands of face shields, [and] this activity can improve communication, increase collaboration and motivation within organization. We [are] all working together to accomplish one goal. And the employee will be proud of the result that [it] gives to society.”

Bill Valway, CEO of Absolute Perfection, Inc. (AP Corp), Sykesville, Md., said his company rewards its employees through an annual Christmas party that features a ‘Rookie of the Year’ award and raffles. Whether it’s a game of corn hole or a company-sponsored happy hour, Valway said team-building activities are crucial, even during busy season.

“It’s like, with anything else in life, you have to make the time,” Valway said. “And that starts with discipline. You have to schedule it—what gets scheduled gets done. You have to be unwavering on it. Believe me, every single time we’ve had [an activity], there’s been something happening that could have pulled us from not doing it. But we just have to make the commitment that it’s something that’s important and be unwavering on the commitment to make sure that these things happen.”

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    In the business of minding your own business.
    Put in the right systems and rules.
    You snooze you lose.
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