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August 2nd, 2021 by Bryan

Three Things I Love About the Industry Right Now

By Tara Taffera

What are the three things you love most about the window film industry? Come on, I am sure you can think of three pretty fast. I would love to hear yours. Post them in one of the industry’s Facebook groups or shoot me an email at Here’s my top three as of this very moment.

The show is going to be amazing. That show is the Window Film Conference and Tint Off, to be held September 27-29 in San Antonio. I’m really not just saying that. I challenge you to tell me otherwise. I mean, come on: just look at the schedule ( The seminars are all based on peer learning. Many of them will be led by the top dealers in our industry—the ones at the top of their game. Who better to learn from than these stellar performers?

And when you are not in a seminar, you can still learn from your peers: by watching them compete, watching them do wrap demos, or gathering with them at one of the many scheduled industry meet-ups. There are so many chances for you to learn from your peers, and it’s one of the main reasons I’m most excited about the show.

We have a ton of “Film Stars.” Stop and think about how many “Film Stars” there are in this industry. In fact, we feature one in every issue of WINDOW FILM, and each month our featured installer is just as interesting as the next. I mean, look at this month’s Film Star (see page 38): Bernice Ussery. The window film industry literally saved her life, and now she is teaching the next generation. The woman who nominated her said to me, “she really does it all.” No kidding!

The industry is thriving. Evidence is everywhere of a healthy window film industry. I talked to a company owner this week who said he is “slammed” with projects, and he happens to be in the decorative film segment. Then you have the new owners of 44Tools, who have big plans (see for that story)–an acquisition often points to a healthy market. Then you have the ever-expanding segments of growth including PPF, building wraps and more.

It’s a great time to be in the industry. Don’t forget to send me your top three. See you in San Antonio.

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