Dear Reader July/August 2020

August 11th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

We’re Not Done Yet

By Emmariah Holcomb

For the past few months it seems as if industry businesses have been adjusting operations to meet various recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as those of state and federal governments due to COVID-19’s rapid global spread. Just when there seemed to have been a steady rhythm and somewhat of a pattern to it all, everything changed yet again, this time it was in the form of stay-at-home orders being lifted.

Too Much Too Soon?

For the past few weeks I’ve watched as more and more states across the country reopened and a newfound excitement cascaded across the faces of business owners and people of all ages. The sheer joy captured through media outlets as things that were once closed began to take on a new life was, dare I say it, infectious. I like many of you, couldn’t wait to explore what was once “normal” through new eyes. However the excitement faded —and quickly.

In just a few weekends the amount of positive coronavirus cases dramatically increased, which caused new or continued guidance from governmental leaders. This once again had the potential to put a strain on the industry. Fortunately most of you tell me business has been booming. Not only is it the “busy season” but after months of being closed or partially open, many say they have customer appointments set for a few weeks out and have been flooded with new projects.

By listening to you I’ve learned that the amount of work constantly coming in is satisfying and needed, but we’re still not in the clear just yet. There’s still a level of uncertainty that lies ahead, and if there’s one thing the industry has shown time and time again, it’s the ability to effectively adapt to change quickly and thrive. Which many, if not all, of you have been doing to capitalize on your current customers.

Pushing Forward

Yes the virus may have taken many in the industry by surprise, but the amount of proper planning, tenacity, will and resources many of you exhibit and instill in your employees has showed there’s little if nothing that can stand in your way. This industry family stands together through it all to make even the toughest jobs possible for your clients. Although I’m uncertain about what the next few months will hold, I’m sure the industry will remain on its feet.

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