Dear Reader May/June 2021

August 17th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

What’s Your Secret?

By Tara Taffera

Many trades face a very real threat to their existence. They can’t find young people to enter their particular markets. The door and window industry can’t find reliable people to install their doors and windows. The auto glass industry is full of over-40 technicians whose bodies have borne the strain over the years. I know, because for the past 23 years I have reported on these industries. Of course there are exceptions to all of these statements, but, overall, a lack of younger workers is a real issue. So why is it that window film is full of a generation of rising stars who are hungry, and eager to perfect their crafts? How does this market achieve something others can’t?

I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that many people have grown up in window film. They are second-generation tinters, men and women, who sat in their garage, or their family’s shop, watching their dads apply film. We profile seven of these individuals on page 18, but there are many more like them out there–like Rachel Schabroni (see her story on page 14, in this month’s Film Stars). They are hardworking individuals who strive for perfection, who place customer service and professionalism as key, and who enjoy what they do. I loved reading their stories and I know you will too. Everyone we featured ranges in age from 29 to 37, but next time I want to hear about those 20-year olds out there perfecting their crafts. I know they exist, so drop me an email at, and this group will be the next one we feature.

Please read their stories, and tell me about all the other great individuals out there we may have missed. And the next time you hear someone bashing the younger generation for their faults, remember there is an exception to every rule. It seems our industry has a lot of those, a fact I for one am proud of.

To the under 40 set, I can’t wait to meet many of you at the International Window Film Conference and TintOff™ June 7-9 in Orlando. To the over 40 set like me, I look forward to seeing you too! I can’t wait to watch all of you, men and women, young and old, do your thing. I would love to talk to you about what drew you in and what makes you so passionate about window film. See you in June! (For more details on the event, turn to page 27.)

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