Diving into Building Wraps

August 4th, 2021 by Bryan

Uncovering What Makes Them So Unique

By Emmariah Holcomb

It’s not uncommon to see businesses use a portion of their buildings for advertisement. In fact, over the years building wraps have grown, as many have seen the benefits and take advantage of what window film has to offer for those purposes. Here, we’ll take a look at a variety of projects and learn what made them so memorable.

Dealership Gets Revamped

This 2017 dealership project continues to stick with Gary Carico, owner of Best Choice Window Tinting, located in Fort Meyers, Fla. The project was just under 1,800 square feet in size and (ASWF) American Standard Window Film’s Daydream 15 film was used. According to Carico, the project was a very large undertaking for the company.

“We spent a lot of time planning around the grand opening of this business and we were able to accomplish this during their business hours with minimal interruptions to their daily routine,” says Carico.

Three team members worked on the installation for five days and ran into a few challenges along the way.

“One of the challenges we had was that 16 panels of glass extended approximately three feet behind a wall. We had to be quite creative on how we squeegeed the film. Also, there was about 700 square feet of existing film that needed to be removed and none of it peeled off, so it had to be scraped off, which took more time,” recalls Carico.

Although the Florida company is no stranger to building wraps, three words come to mind when remembering the details of what made the project so memorable: challenging, accomplished and recognition. “This was absolutely a challenge,” Carico says. “It was a very extensive project mostly because approximately half of the building had existing window film that had to be removed and the majority of the job was done from ladders. There was a feeling of accomplishment after completing the project, and we were excited to see our work on such a large establishment. We feel we’ve grown the business in such a positive way,” Carico adds. He also mentioned recognition when thinking back on this project. “Our business mindset is to use this feature project as a way to continue to brand our business and build name recognition,” Carico adds.

Beverly Hills Gets Upgraded

Florida isn’t the only state in which dealers are no strangers to building wraps, as Solar Art in Laguna Hills, Calif., looks at the before and after for two of its projects.

These photos are from a 2017 project where the company wrapped a Bank of America in Beverly Hills. According to the company, a team of five installed about 52,000 square feet of film for this two-and-half-month-long project.

“This project was challenging, because we had to work with the city for film approval and set up road closures during installation of lower level work,” says Matthew Darienzo, Solar Art CEO.

Hollywood Films Shine

These before and after photos are from a 2015 and 2016 Solar Art project located at 2550 N Hollywood in Burbank, Calif. The installation took about two months to complete and installers used about 42,000 square feet of exterior silver 20 and exterior bronze 20 films. The company also used a five-person team to execute this project.

“The location is in a prime spot in [Los Angeles] county on Hollywood Blvd., near the airport. On this we actually got to work with the architect who was from Italy,” recalls Darienzo.

When thinking about how both of these projects came together, Darienzo chose the words cutting edge.

“A notable point with both of these projects is the film that was used. These are some of the first few buildings we have completely refinished with just solar film, and the words cutting edge come to mind.”

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