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August 5th, 2021 by Bryan

Loyalty is Like Buying a Dog

By Mike Feldman

I’ve heard people say, “you don’t have any problems until you [start to] sell something,” and it relates to our industry.

This business can be rewarding and satisfying for window film dealers. Yet there will be days when things go haywire and you’ll wonder why you didn’t settle for some job where you put in eight hours and go home.

The installation itself is the genius in much of what we do and there’s a huge range of competencies from novice to an expert.

Practice Makes an Expert

You appreciate genius when you see it, and I’ve seen it in my share of window film installers. I’ve seen the difference in the craftsmanship of a tinting genius and that of an okay tinter. They say you become an expert after doing something for 10,000 hours. Well, if you’re extremely fortunate you’re either that genius or you’ve hired one.

Now I’m not a window tint installer, in fact I’m far from it. I know I can’t hang a stitch of film on a car or home to save my life. I’ve tried a time or two particularly when no one is watching, but for me it’s like trying to hit a 90 mile-per-hour fastball. In theory I could but the reality is I can’t.

Keeping Talented Tinters

If you’ve seen a fair amount of installers you know the difference between a great one and a putz; it becomes mandatory to hang on to a super tinter, just like you would a gold watch with pickpockets circling you.

As with most super people in any business, these gems know their capabilities and unfortunately, their worth to you and your company.

Taking care of them becomes a chore in and of itself. You can’t keep them happily tinting like one of the seven dwarfs unless you pay them well and treat them with respect.

If you think you can slide by without taking care of these guys you’ll find out soon enough the grass is greener on the other side of tint town.

Paying Those Who Stay Loyal

They say “if you want loyalty buy a dog!” If you want a happy installer you’ll have to pay what they’re worth.

I know some people will argue against me, but they’d be wrong. Eventually your super installer will figure out just how much they’re worth, and you’ll be out looking for a new hero the very next day.

Take it from me, you get what you pay for.

Mike Feldman is the president of Advanced Film Solutions in New Port Richey, Fla.

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