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August 3rd, 2021 by Bryan

Is That Phone Ringing?

By Mike Feldman

I like to think that my job is to keep making our phones ring.

While that sounds like an action kind of thing, I’m just constantly worried the phones aren’t ringing enough; I’m not making enough profit on our jobs and my clients frequently are taking way too long to pay me.

Picking Up Concerns

I worry about my installers and whether they are doing a good enough job. I worry about the plotters when they break and the credit card machines when they go on the fritz.

Honestly, I really think my main job is to obsess about anything that can and will inevitably go wrong!

The more “irons in the fire” the more business we will ultimately have and if we keep doing the “right things” our success will be inevitable. If we do everything right my level of obsessive concern will only increase.

Learning a Technique

There are two sides to every aspect of sales and marketing a window film business.

If you invest money into advertising, you’d need to respond to more inquiries that aren’t necessarily strong. Your hard-earned money may drive interest and unintentionally increase your competition’s opportunities.

If you hire salespeople your costs will increase, you’ll have to pay commissions and you may lose some projects that you might have won had you done the sales call yourself.

None of this is surprising to someone in this business. These decisions about hiring and investing versus doing the bulk of your work yourself is the single most critical decision you will make.

Making Tough Decisions

I can’t tell you which path to choose. My choice was to reach a tipping point where hiring salespeople made the most sense to me. Managing a successful business takes a different skill set that isn’t easy to develop. You’ll face trials and errors and there will be many moments when you’ll feel the need to grab a bat and hit the ball yourself.

I realize that many of my readers are, as they say, a “one-man band.”

I’m not judging you.

I was once involved in an industry study that found the average window film dealer in the USA bought roughly $25,000 in window film purchases a year. You can easily figure out what the average annual sales might be for these thousands of businesses.

My job was to take a handful of these folks and convert them into growing dynamic window film businesses that could purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in window film purchases.

That decision is yours to make; but if you decide to focus on becoming a leading dealer there are many methods to reaching your goals.

No limits. It really begins with you.

Mike Feldman is the president of Advanced Film Solutions in New Port Richey, Fla.

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